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Atlantic Lottery Corp. Sees CA$436k in U.S. Presidential Election Bets

Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently unveiled the preferences of many Atlantic Canadians when it comes to their wagering activities. About CA$436,000 in wagers on the U.S. Presidential Election were made with the help of the premium Pro•Line platform the Crown corporation has up for grabs. All players were ready for a grand windfall resulting from that.

Canadians had no chance to cast a vote in the U.S. Presidential Election at the beginning of this month but this did not stop them from participating in the wagering on who is going to be the next President of the United States. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject and they made an attempt to capitalize on theirs.

November 3

Even though Atlantic Canadians could not cast their vote on Election Day on November 3, they placed wagers ahead of the special day for all Americans. The eventual outcome of this election will inevitably impact Canada, as well as the entire world in a way, making it a hot topic for months prior to the vote. This is what attracted a crowd of individuals placing their bets online.

Scott Eagles, Manager of Sports Betting at Atlantic Lottery Corporation, said that the topic was quite popular in Canada and the Crown corporation had to reflect this in its wagering offerings. This election was memorable for the gaming leader, as it brought the best sales than any other single event in the betting history of Atlantic Lottery Corporation. The wagers placed surpassed previous popular events, such as the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election more than 15 times.

It could be recalled that the Super Bowl has been another popular event attracting tons of bets from across Atlantic Canada. Individuals across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador placed their bets ahead of November 3 and many of them have bagged substantial payouts as a result of that.

Atlantic Canada Players

In order to understand these players better, we should take a look at the bets placed. Some 59 percent of all bets were in support of Joe Biden becoming the 46th President of the United States of America. In the meantime, some 66 percent of the wagers placed wanted to see President Donald Trump win his second term and continue his presidency.

This is not the only Crown corporation which witnessed a wave of bets ahead of November 3. British Columbia Lottery Corporation also aims to make online gaming much more riveting for all enthusiasts and this month wagering was off the charts. More than 12,000 individuals hailing from the province bet on the United States presidential election on November 3. This set a record for the online gaming platform PlayNow.

They amount to a nearly CA$3 million bet ahead of Election Day and most of the British Columbians wagering wanted to see President Donald Trump win. Back in 2016, the PlayNow online platform saw increased traffic of players ready to wager around the United States Presidential Election. About 7,200 wagers were placed back then.