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PlayNow Allows Players to Wager on Trump, 2020 US Presidential Elections

PlayNow is on a constant pursuit of the best online gaming offerings and pools attracting quite the crowd. British Columbia wagering aficionados currently have the chance to wager on various novelty pools revolving around US President Donald Trump, the diverse Presidential Nominations, as well as the US Presidential Elections 2020. Online gaming powered by British Columbia Lottery Corporation is becoming more popular especially around this time of the year.

Sports wagering on several events at once is a popular offering across the province, facilitated by the Crown corporation. It is a legal alternative to single sports wagering which is currently available in the US but considered illegal in Canada. Push for its legalizing has been present for several years, as each province highlights its projected benefit from it.

Bets Placed Right Now

For the time being, novelty betting is another alternative making it possible for players to win big ahead of the season of giving. They have the chance to wager on the 2020 Democratic Nominee in the United States up until December 31 this year. Right now Joe Bidden is the leader in this section, followed closely by Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren.

As for the Republicans, players also have the chance to wager on their nominee ahead of the elections. For the time being, Donald Trump is the leader in this section of the online sportsbook. Mike Pence and Nikki Haley are also among the three top names on this list, potentially attracting the wagers of British Columbia players. The 2020 US Elections are a topic of wide discussion, as they would have a significant impact on the geopolitical scene and across North America.

Right now the players ready to capitalize on their political views and projections appear to consider the Democrats more likely to become the winning party on November 3, 2020. The Republicans are following them closely in this poll. Players have until November 30, 2020 to place their bets on this particular topic.

BCLC Offers More

As for the bets on the actual president selection, there are eight possible politicians that could see wagers on their name. President Donald Trump is the current leader, as players consider a reelection a possible outcome of the 2020 US Presidential Election. Joe Biden is the other individual that might climb to the position thanks to the people’s votes on Election Day.

Domestic and international policy bets are also available online. Players have until the end of this year to wager on bets related to Area 51, which became a viral topic over this summer. They could bet on President Trump making the special area open for the public within the next 11 months. Another betting opportunity offers players the chance to wager on the US making an exit from the United Nations under the supervision of President Trump.

Impeachment is also a wagering opportunity. Players are willing to capitalize on the situation south of the border, as Matt Lee with the Crown corporation recently revealed. Right now the odds of him being impeached in his first term are better, with wagers being accepted until December 31, 2019.