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BCLC Remains Relevant with Dynamic Trump Impeachment Betting Opportunities

Novelty betting is among the most popular form of gambling for people of legal age across Canada. Big events are capable of attracting attention, one of the most recent ones being the Donald Trump impeachment process launched about a week ago in the United States.

British Columbia players have shown an increased interest in betting on this particular novelty bet. The opportunity also allows them to express their personal position on the subject. The political situation in the United States has been rapidly developing over the past few weeks, involving international relations and American politicians.

A whistleblower reported allegations involving Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Donald Trump. According to the phone call transcript that has been publicly issued, President Trump seeks President Zelensky’s support on a probe related to his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

British Columbians Place Bets

The whistleblower made it more than clear that the President was after a personal political gain, a strong argument used by the Democrats in their impeachment move. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., opened the impeachment process into the President.

By the end of this year, things on the United States political scene might look vastly different. Canadian betting enthusiasts of British Columbia have shown their interest in the particular situation. Players across the province have been participating in the betting opportunity offered by British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Over the past few days, an increasing number of individuals have placed their bets on whether or not President Trump would be impeached by the end of this year. The speed at which events have been developing ultimately made this betting opportunity an even more appealing one.

Players are willing to capitalize on the controversial situation south of the border, as Matt Lee with the Crown corporation recently revealed. More and more people express their opinion on the subject and with the increasingly popular conversation, bettors have been quick to wager on the eventual outcome of the impeachment.

Impeachment is a Hot Topic

As of now, the odds of him remaining in his leading position and a failed impeachment process are 6 to 4. It should also be taken into account, that the situation is a fluctuating one and its dynamic nature makes the entire process even more appealing. In addition to this novelty bet, British Columbia bettors also have the chance to place their bets on a race between British PM Boris Johnson and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Novelty bets are an alternative to traditional sports bets that have a rather controversial reputation in Canada. British Columbia Lottery Corporation has always offered its players innovation when it comes to novelty bets. Mid-April, days ahead of Game of Thrones Season 8 beginning bettors were already wagering. Fans across British Columbia and Manitoba could place their bets online at the familiar PlayNow platform overseen by the provincial lottery corporation.

April 15 at 4 a.m. marked the deadline for making bets in all eight categories. Individuals of legal age had the chance to bet on the ultimate ruler of Westeros who would become known towards the end of the last season. also offered the special Guaranteed Pick 16 pool. Each entry cost CA$5 and the ticket who had the most picks aligning with the plot of Season 8 became eligible for a cash prize of CA$1,000.