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Awarded BCLC Chief Financial Officer Steps Down for another Position

Amanda Hobson, Chief Financial Officer of British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced her decision to put an end to her career in the company after years of achievements. She has decided to make her way to Finning International and take the position of Senior Vice-President of Investor Relations and Treasury.

A stellar performance at a given company does not guarantee that the individual is going to continue with the same career path, a notion confirmed by Mrs. Hobson. With her recent decision issued publicly, she decided that her days as part of the British Columbia structure are over and it is time for a change. It has been confirmed that her position is going to be taken promptly, as interviews have already begun.

Mrs. Hobson Puts an End to Six-Year Career

Whoever is willing to take it would have to relocate to Kamloops, as this is where British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s headquarters is located. Jim Lightbody, President and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, expressed his position on the subject pointing out that Mrs. Hobson has accomplished a lot within the structure of the company.

Over the last four years, she has served it as Chief Financial Officer, exceeding the expectations and achieving previously set goals with ease. Furthermore, he pointed out that her membership of the board of the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation was another positive feature of her work in the lottery corporation. She has also been supporting the Kamloops Food Bank with various initiatives and efforts.

It could be recalled that her career in the structure of British Columbia Lottery Corporation dates back to 2013 when she first joined it. Her first steps were as a Finance Director but her professionalism showed soon after her first day at work. This paved her way to an executive position with more responsibilities but also more opportunities for skills showcasing.

Finning International Would Welcome Her

It could be recalled that 2017 was special in many ways for the BCLC, but especially due to the operational services agreement, which was updated for 20 more years. An update was required, as the previous one was arranged back in 1997 and in the meantime, many things in the constantly evolving market have changed.

This agreement was inked while Mrs. Hobson was on her leading position and she contributed heavily for it. The last months of 2018 saw the outgoing Chief Financial Officer receive recognition for her accomplishments. She bagged one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada awards. She was awarded for her ongoing practices encouraging diversity throughout the structure of BCLC and boosting its development in the right direction.

The Women’s Executive Network wanted to make sure every female deserving of recognition would receive it. Her healthy practices would continue thriving within British Columbia Lottery Corporation even after her exit. As Mr. Lightbody said, she is appreciated for her hard work and the management is grateful for her achievements.