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British Columbia Lottery Corporation CFO Amanda Hobson Recognized by Women’s Executive Network for Her Achievements

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is well-known for its proficient practices of operation and its leading role in the gaming field of Canada in general. Now its proficiency has been further solidified by awarding the Corporation’s Chief Financial Officer Amanda Hobson one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.

The gaming field of Canada has witnessed quite the development in the past years and recognition comes as a result. Mrs. Hobson takes the leading role in the structure of the company, as she is also Vice-President of Finance and Corporate Services. Recently she received the recognition for her ongoing practices encouraging diversity throughout the structure of BCLC and boosting its development in the right direction.

Dedication to the Company Pays Off

The Women’s Executive Network makes sure everyone worthy of a recognition within the workforce receives it, which is why the winners range across sectors to the liking of entrepreneurs, banking, arts, and sports, among others. Mrs. Hobson has proven her persistence when it comes to maintaining the structure of the Lottery Corporation as inclusive as possible and providing individuals with the chance for development.

She is in the structure of the corporation ever since 2013 when she first set foot in it, willing to prove her skills and proficiency. Through the years she was quick to climb her way to the leading positions of the execute sector of the company. This accomplishment came just in time for her major accomplishment of inking an arrangement between the Lottery Corporation of British Columbia province and casino developers which is set to span for a total of 20 years.

Furthermore, her enthusiasm towards changing the field and improving it spreads across other fields of the community, as she is known for her efforts in the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation and the Kamloops Food Bank. Through her dedication, she has been able to achieve a lot in that field as well and to have a positive impact on the community.

2018 Has Been Strong for BCLC

This year has been one of the especially successful ones for the BCLC, as earlier in 2018 the Corporation received recognition for its proficiency as an employer and sustainable practices at the workspace. Across Canada, there are 850 individuals working full-time for the gambling company, whereas there are some 68 employees on part-time contracts within the structure of the lottery corporation.

Some of the perks of working at BCLC include premium conditions for work, such as offices created for boosting efficiency and teamwork. Utilizing the upgraded Woolworth department store building, there is a lot on offer for employees. There is also a gym welcoming workers and making sure they have the chance to work on their health. Furthermore, the company makes sure that workers have the chance to become even better in what they do with the help of courses.

There is tuition financing provided by the company which aims to see its workers attending various workshops both directly and remotely linked to the career path they have chosen. Earlier this month the company gave green light to the development of a new gaming venue in Delta, overseen by casino developer and operator Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd.

Cascades Casino Delta is projected to include a hotel tower, several restaurants, as well as a gambling venue with some 500 slot machines, 24 table games and up to 6 electronic table games.