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BCLC’s Expects Record Wave of Bets on Trump vs. Biden

British Columbia Lottery Corporation aims to make online gaming much more riveting for all enthusiasts and right now wagering is off the charts. About 10,000 individuals hailing from the province are projected to bet on the United States presidential election on November 3. This will set a record for the online gaming platform PlayNow.

When it comes to online betting and gambling, it is one of the easiest ways for many players to bag some cash payouts and change their life for good. The Crown corporation aims to stay relevant with the latest wagering offerings linked to everything happening in the world. November 3 will be a special date for all Americans, but also for Canadians that have placed their wagers.

November 3

Everyone has an opinion on the subject and many British Columbians are eager to place their bet ahead of the presidential election that will shape the upcoming four years. Projections are that the traffic towards the optimized online platform British Columbia Lottery Corporation oversees will exceed previous levels of interest towards it.

The Crown corporation recently revealed that some 10,000 individuals are expected to place a bet. The two options are Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump but it appears that there are mixed signals on the subject. British Columbia Lottery Corporation has introduced odds that favor Mr. Biden on November 3. However, the predominant part of individuals ready to wager online believe that President Trump will be reelected and have four more years as a leader.

Wagers placed on Mr. Biden amount to some 27 percent of the overall bets, while President Trump has attracted about 44 percent of the wagers. The remaining percentage has been placed on Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris and Vice-President Mike Pence, among other non-candidates. It should be pointed out that Mr. Biden has odds for winning amounting to 10/19, according to the Crown corporation.

U.S. Presidential Election

These odds available at the moment would eventually lead to a 152-percent payout if the wagering fan places a bet on In the meantime, President Trump has attracted odds of 33/20 equating to a 255 percent payout online. Kanye West is also among the potential individuals one could wager on, as he announced his plans to run for president. A CA$2 wager placed on him could result in a CA$2,002 if he ends up winning.

Back in 2016, the PlayNow online platform saw increased traffic of players ready to wager around the United States Presidential Election. About 7,200 wagers were placed back then and many individuals ended up bagging substantial payouts for their correct wagers. This record number has not been surpassed yet, but next week it just might be.

It could be recalled that the beginning of December 2019 saw wager on various novelty pools revolving around US President Donald Trump, the diverse Presidential Nominations, as well as the US Presidential Election 2020. They have the chance to wager on the 2020 Democratic Nominee in the United States up until December 31, 2019.