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BCLC Touts Its PRIDE Committee during Pride Month

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is willing to support the local community in all kinds of ways, bringing a diverse approach to various situations and projects. The PRIDE committee is renowned for is one of the main supporters of the local LGBTQ2S+ community in many ways. Senior Technical Analyst Katelyn Boughton revealed more about the committee and everything it has achieved so far.

When it comes to the Crown corporation, there are many ways in which it could support the province of British Columbia and the community of Kamloops. One of the ways is through the regular gaming revenue allocations happening on a regular basis. Another approach that has been explored over the past years is through the PRIDE committee improving life.


Ever since its creation in 2018, the committee has been supportive of the local LGBTQ2S+ community of Kamloops. This is where it is based and throughout the years, it has overseen various initiatives. Ms. Boughton has been part of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s structure for more than a decade now, and she is one of the founders of this PRIDE committee.

One of the main purposes of the committee is to provide protection for LGBTQ2S+ community members within the structure of the Crown corporation. Their voices need to be heard and their needs have to be met on a daily basis, as to provide equal conditions for thriving within the structure of the leading lottery corporation. Along with that, the committee has also taken into account the local community.

It seeks to offer education on the subject, as people need to constantly grow and widen their perspective. Education and free flow of information are what the PRIDE committee is all about, seeking to make it possible for more people to explore the world of LGBTQ2S+ and to better understand it. Ms. Boughton is a Senior Technical Analyst for BCLC’s Casino and Business Technology team.

New Initiatives

Along with some of her coworkers, she decided back in 2018 that it will be a positive change if the Crown corporation had its own PRIDE committee. The main goal back then was for LGBTQ2S+ members part of the structure to be well represented and to have their voices heard. Some changes had to be made to the way British Columbia Lottery Corporation operated.

The Crown corporation has introduced its BCLC rainbow logo and more recently, the corporation created the famous rainbow crosswalk close to its headquarters in Kamloops. This was considered a strong support sign, as the corporation’s employees wanted to show that they’re supportive of the community in all its diverse facets. Both current and future staff members had to know that they are seen there and have nothing to worry about.

Ms. Boughton also pointed out that the PRIDE committee was created with the idea that the Crown corporation should be in touch with its workers while also keeping up with the times. “Show Your Pride” is the next initiative that will highlight the people worth a mention during pride month. All gender facilities at the headquarters is another project in progress.