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BCLC Teams Up with iTel Networks for Improved Retail Connectivity

British Columbia Lottery Corporation has decided to support local business in these trying times and this is going to happen as a result of its latest collaboration arranged. The Crown corporation is going to team up with iTel Networks, another Kamloops-based leader that would support its future operation. The local provider is going to power the Internet connection needed on a daily basis.

Being virtually connected is crucial regardless of the particular sphere of work. It makes so many processes faster and more efficient, at the end of the day benefitting all parties involved. Lottery product sales also require a strong internet connection that makes the process easier and optimizes communication on an internal level. Retail partners need to be connected at all times.

Kamloops-Based Support

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is striving to make it possible for everyone across the province to reach out and acquire a lottery product form their nearest retail hotspot. Remote and rural areas of British Columbia are crucial when it comes to the connection they require, as the internet provider should be a reliable one. The Crown corporation decided it is time for a change.

Supporting local businesses is crucial during these trying times, as it shows that the Crown corporation is ready to support the community in various ways. The new agreement was inked between the gaming leader on a provincial level and the Kamloops-based iTel Networks. Their collaboration is a brand new one, but it is projected to last at least three years.

The new arrangement is set to span over the upcoming years. Projections are that this new partnership could be extended past the three-year point. Pat Davis, Vice President of Business Technology and Chief Information Officer, pointed out that the new partner was chosen carefully, as the Crown corporation was taking into account the vast network it has to cover at all times.

Better Retail Connection

British Columbia Lottery Corporation evaluated all options it had and came to the conclusion that supporting the local business might be the way to go. Through the years, iTel Networks has proven its professionalism and reliability, making it the perfect partner for the Crown corporation. The public procurement process aimed to take into account all possible candidates. Back in August 2019, a Request for Proposal took place.

The contract in question is for Province Wide Internet Services. Danny Rink, Chief Executive Officer of iTel Networks, also made it clear that he is an avid supporter of the local community, as he has spent most of his adult life in the region. Supporting it in any way possible has been a leading principle of his work. Both British Columbia Lottery Corporation and the internet provider have proven their support throughout the years.

They have expressed their gratitude towards the Kamloops Innovation Centre with support dating back to 2012 when Mr. Rink himself helped its founding. In the meantime, the Innovation Lab available on its premises is powered by the Crown corporation. Upcoming months are set to bring optimization across the province.