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BCLC Fulfills Executive Team with New Appointment

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is ready to further enhance its team of executives with the latest addition to it. In a recent statement, the Crown corporation made it clear that Marie-Noëlle Savoie is the new Vice President of Legal, Compliance and Security and Chief Compliance Officer. Her appointment will become effective on June 29 and she will be based in Vancouver.

For quite a while, the Crown corporation has been actively recruiting for executive positions based in Kamloops and Vancouver, where British Columbia Lottery Corporation has its offices. All individuals that have been appointed over the past months bring their expert knowledge and experience when it comes to gambling and management, making them suitable new additions to the structure of BCLC.

New Appointment

Ms. Savoie has experience compliance, privacy, anti-money laundering, and risk management in regulated industries in the past. This has equipped her with the right solutions to many situations that could happen, while also preparing her for the unknown. She has been Vice President of Private Client Group Compliance as well as the Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Risk Officer of Raymond James Trust.

Ms. Savoie is a Bachelor of Laws at the Université de Montréal ever since 2008. Most recently she worked in the securities and trust industries over the past seven years. She joins the Executive team of British Columbia Lottery Corporation and her addition is the last one, completing the team of experts joining the structure of the Crown corporation.

The ultimate goal for British Columbia Lottery Corporation will be to have half of its executives in Vancouver and the other half in Kamloops. This year is about to see the official relocation of two executives to the Kamloops office of the Crown corporation and this is about to complete the process. In the meantime, Interim President and CEO Greg Moore continues using both offices of BCLC.

Marie-Noëlle Savoie

The beginning of this year saw Alan Kerr become the new Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance & Corporate Services of British Columbia Lottery Corporation. His appointment become effective on January 13. Mr. Kerr made it clear that he is ready to work for a better future of BCLC. In addition to that, his relocation to Kamloops would also see contribution to the community, as the future Chief Financial Officer would strive to improve it together with his wife.

Peter ter Weeme was also deemed suitable for the position of Vice President of Social Purpose & Stakeholder Engagement at the beginning of this year. This summer is about to see him relocate to Kamloops too. In March, Yabome Gilpin-Jackson became the new Vice-President of People and Culture. She was effectively appointed on April 12 commencing her work in Vancouver with consequent relocation to Kamloops.

Now it is safe to say that halfway through the year, all executive positions are taken. Back in November 2019, Kamloops-South Thompson MLA Todd Stone, expressed doubt regarding BCLC’s commitment to keeping its executives in the region. He also pointed out that the B.C. government must make sure that positions such as President and CEO, the CFO, the Vice President of Human Resources, and the Chief Information Officer are based in Kamloops.