Industry Reports

BCLC Unveils CA$983m Allocation to B.C. Government

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is ready to shed more light on the way it reinvests gaming revenue and all the projects it supports with the help of both online and in-person gaming. Transparency is also key in the gaming world, which is why the Crown corporation decided to reveal more in relation to the process itself.

There are many ways in which a casino venue could support not only its host community but also the province as a whole. British Columbia Lottery Corporation aims to make this possible with the help of various programs supporting the host communities, healthcare on a provincial level, as well as the education system. This has been a common practice over the years.

Net Income Allocations

Gaming revenue generated by the brick-and-mortar casino venues and gambling halls has been reinvested in the province. Various community programs benefit from the regular operation of those locations. Charitable gaming is also popular, as many charitable and non-profit organizations also rely on the financial support generated by those events. The Crown corporation revealed more information about the past fiscal year.

Some CA$1.4 billion in net income was generated over the fiscal 2018/2019 and gaming enthusiasts proved that the diverse palette of gaming is still something they enjoy. Now the Crown corporation unveils the various initiatives and sectors that benefitted from allocations powered by gaming. About CA$5.6 million was invested in various problem gambling solutions introduced.

Players should maintain their healthy conversation with gaming, a task that involves their education on the basics of gaming and all the pros and cons of the various gaming offerings. The GameSense program is popular across British Columbia’s casino venues and community gaming centers, as it helps players improve their relationship with gaming. Some CA$6 million was invested in local economic development initiatives making many communities much more pleasant.

Gaming Supports Communities

Horse racing purses witnessed about CA$11.7 million of gaming revenue allocated to them, as the horse people of British Columbia need appreciation and support. Community gaming grants were able to receive CA$140 million over the course of the same fiscal year, supporting the operation of various non-profit organizations. The provincial health special account was also able to bag some CA$147.2 million.

This support made it to various hospitals, as well as for community health programs that ultimately support a large chunk of British Columbians. The Government of British Columbia received the largest slice of the net income, amounting to some CA$983 million. With this sum, the education system, public programs, as well as community groups benefitted. In the meantime, the Government of Canada bagged CA$10.2 slice of the net income.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation also pointed out that over the past three decades and counting, more than CA$23 billion has been reinvested in the province. Right now, gaming across the province is possible only online, via the premium online platform of Attorney-General David Eby recently clarified that municipality wanting a share of the online gaming revenue their residents are generating should make a formal request.