Industry Reports

BCLC’s Proprietary GameSense Program Expands Influence in the US

British Columbia Lottery Corporation wants to expand the positive impact of its proprietary problem gambling program able to save people’s mental health and keep the relationship with gaming as healthy as possible. This would be possible via the collaboration with members of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. The renowned GameSense program would soon be introduced to entirely new regions of North America, reaching new players.

Players of all jurisdictions deserve to learn how to gamble in a healthy manner and develop this relationship in the best way possible. This ensures that players retain their positive attitude towards gaming for longer and do not experience the negative impact of the offering down the road. The established program already giving results would soon be introduced south.

Problem Gambling Support

The special program aiming to reduce problem gambling is going to be offered free-of-charge to the lottery corporations part of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. They could utilize its full potential and see the positive results of frank conversation about a serious issue. Players are going to be encouraged to talk about their everyday involvement in the gambling world.

In order to make the implementation as smooth as possible, British Columbia Lottery Corporation came up with an innovative approach including both online support powered by GameSense, and support available at lottery retail locations sprinkled across the US. Gaming enthusiasts would have easy access to the information they need for battling unhealthy behavior down the road, as well as learn more about the nature of gaming offerings they use on a daily basis.

Kevin Gass, BCLC’s Vice-President of Lottery Gaming, made it clear that teaming up with new partners and like-minded people of the lottery industry would be an essential step in the right direction. Players are about to benefit the most, at the end of the day, for their involvement with gambling would be improved.

GameSense Meets New Gaming Corporations

In order to make the healthy gambling program as accessible as possible, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation is about to introduce comprehensive materials closer to the people that need them the most. The collaboration is also going to benefit the program itself, as essential knowledge on the player’s mentality is about to be introduced. The lottery corporations embracing the GameSense program would share everything they come across.

Such an information flow is projected to be beneficial for the GameSense program itself. At the moment MGM Resorts International is the sole gaming operator to have implemented the problem gambling program. Its facilities in Connecticut and Massachusetts offer their patrons premium conditions for learning more about the way gambling affects them, as well as learn how to prevent spiraling out of control.

As for the Canadian provinces benefitting from it, those are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, as well as Manitoba. Ever since 2009, this program has been gradually implemented across casino locations and gambling halls of these provinces, the latest wave including Community Gaming Centers across British Columbia. More than 67,000 interactions with players have taken place by the end of 2019.