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BCLC GameSense Expansion Continues with Chances Maple Ridge Advisor Keeping it Fun

Problem gambling is a concerning prospect for many players who take gambling to new extents. Addictive behavior should be kept in check on a day-to-day basis and this is something British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s GameSense program has been helping players for more than a decade now, but this month it is making its way to Chances Maple Ridge. A trained advisor will be available at the gaming venue to offer information to anyone interested in learning more about healthy gaming habits and how to maintain a good relationship with gambling.

More and more individuals participating in gambling on a daily basis witness the impact it has on their lives and daily activities. Gambling addiction is something players should be aware of, as it has the potential to get in the way of other activities on their agenda, eventually having a devastating impact on their financial state and close relationships. British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced Chances Maple Ridge is going to welcome the experienced GameSense advisor ready to help players.

Responsible Gambling is Key

GameSense would make it easier for people to seek guidance and support from an experienced advisor who is there to assist them. He is going to be at the special GameSense kiosk welcoming everyone interested in having a sincere conversation on the topic. People would have the chance to learn what gambling addiction is. More often than not, people simply fail to grasp the reality of the situation and that their gaming habits might be spiraling out of control.

The advisor would be there to give them a working set of steps that would make their experience in the gaming venue a more pleasant one. Moreover, for those in need of continuous guidance, the GameSense location would also be able to refer them to gambling addiction programs featuring active work towards battling the negative tendencies. Tyler Green is the advisor, who would support players at the gaming location in Maple Ridge. He perceives his job as a rewarding one, as he appreciates the personal contact with players.

The ultimate goal here is not to make people feel judged, but to ensure that their experience at any gaming venue is a pleasant one. He is there to answer their questions about slot machines and shed more light on odds and other details. The main goal of GameSense is to eliminate the intimidation factor and make it possible for people to seek information without feeling ashamed of doing so.

Chances Chilliwack Kickstarted Expansion

Up until this point, the GameSense program featuring advisors placed at special locations was available across BCLC casino venues only. Now the lottery corporation wants to step up its game and expand across other Community Gaming Centers. The plan for action includes GameSense advisors introduction to several other locations ahead of this fall.

It could be recalled that November 2018 saw Chances Chilliwack become the first gaming venue to welcome the expansion. Across the years, the efficiency of advisors at BCLC casino venues across the province has proven to be beneficial and this is evident by the 55,000 interactions with the advisors per year. Outside of the advisors working hours, there is also information available.

April 2018 saw a need for expansion on site of Chances Maple Ridge, as demand for slot devices increased. The gaming venue overseen by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation under BCLC licensing wanted to increase slot machines available on site to 250 devices. It also offers bingo for all gaming enthusiasts, as well as more family-friendly entertainment options.