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BCLC Pulls the Plug on All Casinos, Gaming Halls amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

British Columbia Lottery Corporation issued information that it would completely shut down its in-person gaming offerings across the province. The measure is implemented due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the need for protection of both players and casino staff of the novel coronavirus. The changes became effective on March 16 at 11:59 p.m. and for the time being, no time frame has been established.

The orderly shutdown comes as a result of the growing concerns regarding the virus that has been taking the province by storm. British Columbia issued its data regarding the viral disease, confirming that as of March 17 the number of confirmed British Columbians that have contracted the virus has surged to 103.

Crown Corporation Issues a Statement

In order to prevent the outbreak from growing out of proportion in a limited time frame, social distancing was mandated. The government issued an official statement making it clear that individuals should not hold congregations with upwards of 50 people, as this would make it easier for the virus to spread across the province and potentially increase the number of victims. Monday brought the news that three more deaths related to COVID-19 have been confirmed.

When all is said and done, this rounds up the tally to four deaths on a national scale. British Columbia wants to ensure that people feel secure and that there is no panic, which is why it aims to inform them and answer all questions that may arise. This would happen with the recently established hotline – 888-COVID19. People could dial it and learn more about the novel coronavirus.

Along with the sweeping measures, British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced that all of the casino venues and gaming halls within the province would have to close for business. The decision comes as a result of the skyrocketing concerns regarding gambling chips and cards used at the casino venues and the number of individuals touching them on a daily basis.

Casinos Cease Operation

Cleaning the chips and changing the cards might not be the most convenient or realistic approach to the situation and the venues would still be able to welcome more individuals at once if they remain open. The Crown corporation announced that the venues would remain closed in alignment with the directive issued by Attorney General David Eby and announced by Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry.

The unprecedented measures aim to eliminate social gatherings, as to protect the health system and make sure that it is capable of taking care of all the people that would eventually contract the novel coronavirus. It could be recalled that Great Canadian Gaming Corporation was the first casino operator to pull the plug on its casinos in British Columbia. The casino developer issued the official announcement that its 10 casino locations in British Columbia would be temporarily suspended.

This is a preventive measure at least until the COVID-19 cases growth slows its pace of growth. Right now it is crucial that the medical workers have the recourses to battle the disease. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the rival casino operator overseeing locations within the province. It manages 14 casino venues and gaming locations in British Columbia and those venues remained open despite the closures Great Canadian Gaming announced.