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BCLC Implements Safety Measures across Land-Based Casinos

British Columbia Lottery Corporation wants to see the official relaunch of in-person casino gaming within the borders of the province and this could happen sooner than initially projected. Casino venues were supposed to reopen during the fourth phase of the provincial plan, but they could be able to make this happen earlier. Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry confirmed a close collaboration with WorkSafeBC.

Ever since March, brick-and-mortar casino locations and gambling halls have closed for business amid the dynamically changing situation. Physical distancing was the recommended practice and welcoming casino patrons in the enclosed space of a casino venue was considered potentially harmful for the health of both the players and the casino staff members.

B.C. in Phase 3

The gaming situation has remained relatively the same ever since March, but each provincial government is working at its own pace. It should be taken into account that neighboring Alberta already gave a green light to in-person gaming at its casino venues. Special measures for player protection have been implemented ahead of the official reopening, welcoming back the people eager to play in-person.

Over the past couple of weeks, British Columbia has been monitoring everything happening in Alberta’s gaming field. The former was also considering all options it has and devising a plan for action once it receives permission to reopen the venues. When working on its business reopening plans, the provincial government made it clear that casino locations should be part of the fourth phase of the business reopening plan.

However, now they are preparing and introducing the various safety measures and protocols needed for the safe reopening of the casino facilities. Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry made it clear that the casino venues are working in close collaboration with WorkSafeBC. Following all recommendations is mandatory for this major step that would make it possible for many casino workers to return to their workplace.

Reopening Might Happen Soon

Phase 3 of the reopening plan is in progress right now. In a recent statement, Interim Chief Executive Officer Greg Moore made it clear that British Columbia Lottery Corporation has not pinpointed a date for the reopening of land-based casino locations and gambling halls across the province. The process itself is a slow and careful one, as the venues have to be well-equipped for the individuals that will frequent it.

Various safety measures will have to be introduced, in order to protect both employees and patrons. Reducing the number of slot machines in operation will be a mandatory step, as this would create space between the players gambling. While preparation is in progress, the Crown corporation is making sure British Columbia’s Government also receives support. Recently BCLC revealed more details about the previous fiscal year.

Some CA$1.4 billion in net income was generated over the fiscal 2018/2019 and gaming enthusiasts proved that the diverse palette of gaming is still something they enjoy. The Government of British Columbia received the largest slice of the net income, amounting to some CA$983 million.