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BCLC Supports Communities with Fundraising Innovation

British Columbia Lottery Corporation wants to support communities and this could happen with its gaming offerings in store. The Crown corporation recently made it clear it is teaming up with Givergy in order to trigger online support coming straight from the people seeking a good time gambling.

Online gaming has become much more popular over the past four months, now that people have had more time on their hands, they had explored the various offerings up for grabs in British Columbia. The gaming leader on a provincial level oversees the popular gaming platform introducing a diverse online gaming palette. Now players could also support local organizations struggling financially.

Online Fundraiser

The fundraising technology implemented in the online gaming platform would aim to benefit the organizations in need of support during these trying times. There are many ways in which casino gaming and lottery tickets purchasing have been able to support the host communities associated with them. Gaming revenue allocations have been able to support city coffers for decades now, substantial funding improving various projects.

Givergy works on cost-effective bespoke fundraising platforms making it possible for large amounts of money to be raised in time. What makes this company stand out in the crowd and what ultimately drew British Columbia Lottery Corporation to it was the zero up-front costs coming with it. The Crown corporation has been especially supportive thanks to the new fundraising technology implemented. The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation became part of this project.

Between July 6 and July 20, online gaming enthusiasts of Kamloops have the chance to show their support via an ongoing virtual fundraiser. They will be able to do so with the purchase of a gift card associated with one of the businesses based in the region. Silent auctions are also considered a great idea when it comes to showing support.

Various Collabs

Collaboration with the foundation has been in progress for quite a while. One of the recent occasions was the #SharpDressedSaturday event. British Columbia Lottery Corporation came forward as the presenting sponsor for this special event that has proved to be an important one for the Kamloops region. The virtual congregation of people protected their health while also showing their support for healthcare workers.

RIH Foundation Chief Executive Officer Heidi Coleman pointed out that the event was a special one for the community, as it brought people together when they needed it the most, while also maintaining physical distancing. About CA$17,000 have been raised throughout the special events, an amount used to support the Royal Island Hospital. SHARE Family & Community Services is another partner of the Crown corporation teaming up for success.

Ever since 1972, this organization has been supporting individuals through its food bank, couples counseling, and more. Between June 14 and July 5 people had the chance to purchase online a gift card for future use and support the community services organization. This made the process easily accessible for everyone interested.