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Loto-Québec Brings CA$171,405 Bad Beat OK Poker Jackpot

Loto-Québec wants to pay out great jackpots even if players end up having bad luck while playing OK Poker on its premium platform. The progressive Bad Beat jackpot is here to lift the spirits and ensure that individuals leave with some great cash prizes. At the moment this cash prize amounts to some CA$171,405 and individuals are invited to try their skills.

Online poker is quite popular at the moment, as more people end up having tons of free time on their hands. Players are intrigued to try their skills in various online gaming activities such as the preferred online poker offering called OK Poker. Loto-Québec brings the premium online product coming with the hefty jackpot for the individuals losing instead of winning.

Cash Payouts

Second chances at bagging a cash payout are available at the platform welcoming individuals of legal age across Quebec. All you have to do in order to become eligible for the cash payout is to lose. Right now, the larger of the two Bad Beat jackpots amounts to some CA$171,405. There is also a smaller one, estimating to CA$4,409, and players are eligible for both of those cash prizes.

The progressive jackpot swells every week and players losing have the opportunity to bag it and have their life turned around. There are situations in life, as well as in poker, when you consider yourself the winner and on the way to something big like the winning of the hand. However, often life gets in the way and a player ends up beaten at the showdown.

This situation might seem like a discouraging one for many poker enthusiasts but this is not the case for Quebec residents playing online. They have the chance to bag the Bad Beat progressive jackpot when they think their game is on a losing streak. All they have to do is register at and verify their age.

Progressive Jackpot

Once they have the right to explore the online gaming offerings up for grabs, players should choose the Texas Hold’em Poker table coming with the special Bad Beat progressive jackpots. Four eights or better would make it possible for players to bag the larger progressive jackpot, whereas four twos or better would open the door to the Micro Bad Beat jackpot.

Either way, poker enthusiasts are handed a second chance at winning a small fortune and a motivation to continue their online gaming activities. The overall prize is distributed in several ways and its benefits by the individuals eligible for it. Half of the progressive jackpot goes to the second highest-ranked hand. Some 25 percent of the overall jackpot is bagged by the player with the highest-ranked hand.

As for the remaining 25 percent of the jackpot, it is distributed equally by the remaining players with two pocket cards. It could be recalled that last week witnessed a progressive Bad Beat jackpot amounting to CA$755,896 which was considered a record one for the Crown corporation’s online gaming platform. Montreal resident Raymond Desjardins was confirmed to be the individuals bagging 25 percent of it amounting to CA$188,974.