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Canadian Provinces Extend Last Call for Lottery Jackpot Bagging

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently announced its decision to introduce some changes to the lottery prize claiming. The Crown corporation would add six months to the lottery tickets that are about to see their expiry date between March 17, 2020 and September 17, 2020. This would allow players eligible for grand cash prizes to still claim them once life gets back to its ordinary pace.

Some changes would have to be introduced across the Canadian provinces, as the situation at the moment is out of the ordinary. Ticket holders eligible for a cash payout are willing to receive their prize, but they find themselves unable to. The Crown corporation closed its prize claim center earlier in March, a decision followed by other provincial lottery leaders.

Six-month Extension

At the moment, lottery enthusiasts are able to receive their lottery prizes at some retail locations across the province, but this is usually true for the smaller cash prizes. For safety reasons, vendors avoid keeping more than CA$2,000 in the store while working with customers. Larger prizes remain unclaimed, which has led to the recent change of policy. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced an extension.

It amounts to six months and it covers the tickets that are about to expire over the months until September 17. This measure is going to give players the chance to become Canada’s next lottery millionaire. As it was clarified by the Crown corporation, that the extension covers all kinds of tickets available. This includes draw-based lottery offerings, instant gaming scratch tickets, as well as tickets sold online.

Players have the opportunity to purchase their lottery tickets online at and many of them make good use of the advanced platform Ontario Lottery and Gaming has up for grabs. The Crown corporation encourages activities online, as they allow players to give their luck a try from the comfort of their home. One of the incentives for gaming online is the lottery bonus currently up for grabs.

Lottery Offerings Galore

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is another lottery leader that has decided to introduce a deadline extension to its lottery tickets sold both in-person and online. Following a similar principle, the Crown corporation introduced six additional months for prize claiming, a change that could change someone’s future for good.

Popular gaming offerings to the likes of Keno, BC/49, BC50/50, Poker Lotto, and Pacific Hold’em Poker would be affected by the change. This extension once again applies to the tickets about to expire between March 17 and September 17. For those expiring past that date, the expiry date is about to remain the same – 12 months since the date of the winning draw.

British Columbians are able to purchase their tickets online at, as well as via the advanced lottery app of the BCLC. Western Canada Lottery Corporation, as well as the other Canadian provincial lottery jurisdictions, have also agreed to introduce the six-month extension, as to give all players equal chances of becoming millionaires or much richer thanks to the lottery.