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Saskatchewan Sports Betting Bill Resurrected for the Third Time

Saskatchewan is looking forward to another push for single-event sports wagering legalization that would become possible with a recent move. Kevin Waugh, representing Saskatoon-Grasswood recently introduced a new bill aiming to make amendments to the existing Criminal Code. As a result of it, the legalization of this gaming offering could be possible.

The bill in question has been revived for yet another life, striving to make it possible for the Canadian gaming industry to get up to date with its international rivals. The United States poses a threat to its gaming revenue, as Canadian players often make their way south in order to wager on single sports events. Local players are also interested in placing their wagers on offshore betting sites giving them the freedom to wager freely.

Single-Event Sports Betting

In an attempt to optimize the gaming activities within the borders of the country while also retaining players and their money, a new push towards single-events sports wagering has commenced. Mr. Waugh is seeking to see changes happening in relation to the existing Criminal Code, as the changes south are have already gained momentum.

He pointed out that the discrepancy between the bets remaining in the country and the cash flow making it to offshore wagering sites is concerning and should be taken into account. Some CA$500 million in the form of bets goes through Sports Line and Pro-Select, the platforms allowing pari-mutuel sports wagering within the borders of Canada. This amount is a rather slender share of the overall wagered sum.

Mr. Waugh pointed out that offshore betting platforms are able to witness an illegal revenue amounting to CA$14 billion coming from Canadian players. This is an amount that could be reinvested in the Canadian provinces and improve them immensely, but fail to do so, as it sinks into the pockets of black market bookmakers and international gaming groups. A change in the Criminal Code would make it possible for single-event sports wagering to keep the cash flowing in the right direction.

End of March Sees Convo

Mr. Waugh is looking forward to the gaming revenue reinvestment in the communities, as it is known that this support is capable of truly improving the infrastructure on a municipal level. This bill is going to live its third life this year and expectations are that it would meet the support of local lawmakers and the government. It could be recalled that back in 2012 it saw its initial run.

Back then the House of Commons gave its nod to the proposed changes, but the federal election in 2015 allowed it to die without reaching its ultimate goal. Canadian Gaming Association recently gave its approval to this same bill, supporting the expansion and modernization of the Canadian gaming opportunities for a bright future. Such a move would make the activity more secure and provide the needed protection players currently fail to receive.

The end of March is about to see a discussion on the subject. The last days of February saw Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse co-sponsor a new sports betting bill with Conservative MP Kevin Waugh (C — Saskatoon-Grasswood). Such a move supports the notion that the border casino venues struggle to keep up with their rivals south of the border. The following weeks are projected to see the bill be discussed in the House of Commons.