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Ontario Paves Way for Single-Event Sports Betting Once Again

Single-event sports wagering is once again a topic of discussion in Canada, as the gaming offering gains more support from local lawmakers and representatives. Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse has once again commenced the conversation on the subject, eyeing great benefits form the legalization of the expanded sports betting offering. Ottawa’s government should make a move and give its nod to the wagering opportunity that would make Canada competitive.

For several years now, the push for the legalization of this gambling offering has been in progress with little to no success at the end of the day. Representatives have pointed out the benefit of this legalized gaming opportunity in the long run, as it is projected to create new job positions, as well as increased sports revenue gaming revenue.

Sports Wagering Legalized

Ontario has witnessed the conversation in its full span, as this is the province suffering the most from the legalization of in-person sports wagering in New York State. Canadians make their way south to Niagara Falls, New York and place their single-event sports bets in a legal manner. The sole betting offering currently available in Canada is the pari-mutuel betting with odds failing to make it an attractive offering.

Mr. Masse has once again launched the conversation and this time his hopes are of a successful move. This week saw him announce he has co-sponsored a new sports betting bill with Conservative MP Kevin Waugh (C — Saskatoon-Grasswood). This move means that it is no longer just talks and warnings and it is time for proactive measures that would pave the way for sports wagering on single events.

The following weeks are projected to see the bill be discussed in the House of Commons, as the prime minister would receive another chance to give his approval to the bill. The motivation for this change would also be Michigan’s legalization of sports wagering in its three casino locations. Caesars Windsor is projected to lose patrons to them once this happens.

House of Commons to Look Through Bill

The new offering is about to make Ottawa’s casinos competitive enough and boost their operation, therefore the people employed by them would also benefit immensely. The end of 2019 saw the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce and Unifor Local 444 trigger an honest conversation about the positive impact of legalization. Dave Cassidy, President of the labor union had a conversation on the subject this week.

He pointed out that the efforts in this direction could be traced back a decade but this tie the support towards it appears to be bigger. He said that several government parties are looking forward to seeing single-event sports wagering legalized in Ontario and they are determined to do so. Windsor solely is about to see 150 new job positions created, in order to accommodate the expansion. The amount of Canadian dollars making their way to offshore sites is also astounding.

About CA$110 million on an annual basis fail to make their way to the city coffers of host communities. They fail to fuel local renovation and infrastructural work. However, legalized sports wagering has taken its toll on some markets, such as the UK or Australia, where it has been legal for quite a while. Individuals have their phones in their hands throughout the entire live match, looking for more ways in which they can wager on it, thanks to the normalization of the act.