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Could New York, Michigan Sports Betting Legalization Efforts Trigger Canada’s Response?

Efforts towards elevating players experience and introducing well-regulated sports wagering sector have been put for the past several years in Canada, with the conversation flaring and coming to a halt. A renewed action was indicated recently, as Canada’s lawmakers begin to realize the best course of action would include keeping up with the US and its progressively-expanding sports betting field.

In an attempt to provide single-event sports wagering with a much-needed regulation, Unifor Local 444 President David Cassidy recently made it clear that legalizing betting on single events is a no-brainer. At the moment there are seven states in the US which provide their residents and guests with riveting sports betting offerings. Those are Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Neighboring States Threaten Canada’s Gaming Field

Even though there is a considerable distance between them and Canada, players could still find them attractive enough to travel all the way there and give their luck a try. It should also be taken into account that next year is projected to see a sports betting regulation emerge in New York, potentially receiving a green light after a period of negotiations and voting of the proposed bill regulating the future field.

Michigan is also working towards bringing sports wagering to life, seriously threatening neighboring Canada. Players willing to wager in a legal manner could easily make their way to the US state, leading to a considerable cash flow in the wrong direction. Maintaining Canadians’ money within the borders of the country is a reason enough for Canada’s lawmakers to find the motivation for action.

They ought to bring up to speed the sports betting set of rules currently guiding the sector. Wagering on two or more sports events is legal according to the existing regulation, but this is not the case when it comes to betting on a single event. In this sense, Canada is at a disadvantage in comparison to the US which offers predominantly this type of betting.

Caesars Windsor Could Welcome One of the First Sports Books

Mrs. Cassidy stated that updating the existing wagering laws is going to bring benefits to both the industry and the communities, as expansion in the sector would open new jobs for many individuals. According to her estimations, the casino venue in Caesars Windsor in Ontario is one of the locations with the potential to welcome premium sports book. Some 150 new jobs will launch with the thumbs-up of single-event sports betting taking place in land-based casino facilities.

This will boost the national employment market, as well as provide a considerable financial boost to the communities thanks to the mandatory taxes which will be implemented. This is not the first efforts in this direction, but the conservative approach towards sports betting has scrapped previous plans. It could be recalled that the year 2012 saw the introduction of a bill aiming to legalize this type of wagering.

As it turned out, even after receiving the nod of all parties and provinces allowing gaming, 2016 saw the stalled bill being scrapped. Online sports wagering provided by leading operators to the liking of Bet365, Pinnacle, The Greek, and William Hill provide players with what brick-and-mortar facilities lack. More persistent push in this direction, as well as the looming legalization of sports wagering in neighboring New York and Michigan, could prompt the quick action among Canadian lawmakers.