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Has the Time Come for Canada to Regain Sports Wagering Upper Hand?

Single-event sports wagering gains wider support across the nation and especially among gaming officials that have the capacity to change the game. Following a recent announcement Windsor West Liberal candidate Sandra Pupatello made, the Canadian Gaming Association expressed its support of legalized single-event sports wagering across Canada. The association agreed the time to act is now, especially in the ever-changing international betting field.

Wagering on sports events is pursued as a fun activity that unites people and results in special memories and new bonds between them. Groups of friends participate in sports betting ahead of major events, ultimately increasing the excitement of the sports event. The thrill of winning big while your favorite team is scoring a major win could be compared with very few things. Canadian players cannot relate since single-event sports wagering is considered illegal.

Sports Wagering in Canada

Now the Canadian Gaming Corporation announced its support of Mrs. Pupatello when it comes to the importance of sports wagering on a national scale. What she wants is to introduce an amendment to the Canadian Criminal Code and decriminalize betting on sports events. This could be possible once she is elected but until October 21, nothing is set in stone.

The non-profit organization putting efforts into improving the Canadian gaming scene has been supporting this idea for quite some time now. This week saw the Association express its support of Mrs. Pupatello, claiming this is a logical move in the right direction. Paul Burns, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Gaming Association, stated that such a change has been a goal for about a decade now.

Mr. Burns made it clear that Windsor would be among the regions to benefit immensely from the introduction of legal single-event sports wagering, as this would create new jobs for locals that would not have to relocate in order to have a chance of employment. A sportsbook located at Caesars Windsor is going to create new jobs for about 150 individuals

Betting Sees Wider Support

Meanwhile, Niagara Falls is projected to offer a steady income to 100 people. Back in 2015, Brian Masse, currently running for the NDP in Windsor West, launched a campaign in support of sports wagering. The bill introduced back then received approval but eventually failed to make it through the Senate.

At that stage of the North American sports wagering scene’s development, Canada was more advanced and better positioned for launching the offering in comparison with the United States. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act introduced in 1992, also known as the Bradley Act, was still limiting wagering on sports events nationwide.

With the exception of several states, players were not allowed to place their bets on major events. Mr. Masse argued that when support was most needed, the Liberals did not offer it, eventually rendering Canada unable to keep up with the times. Now states such as Ohio, Michigan, and New York, among others are able to attract Canadian players, therefore Canadian dollars south.