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Ontario Shows Open-Mindedness with Sports Betting, Online Gambling Changes

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the province with the help of its budget bringing riveting options. Several groundbreaking changes were listed in the fiscal blueprint this Thursday highlighting hot topics to the likes of single-event sports betting, online gambling, and drinking in public spaces. This would make Ontario competitive to neighboring provinces, as well as the US.

Changes appear to be on their way and very soon Ontario could welcome a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. If the budget receives a green light, it would make it possible for casino venues across the province to promote free alcohol to their casino patrons. What is exciting for millions of Canadians is the language showing the officials’ planned efforts towards making single-event sports betting a thing in Canada.

Single-Event Sports Wagering Coming Soon

The budget contains 283 pages of improvement and was referred to as ‘the party budget’. The Criminal Code of Canada prohibits wagering on single sports events but this could change in the foreseeable future with the push of the provincial government willing to bring changes.

Conversation with the federal government is projected to bring changes and make Canada a competitive gaming destination for both locals and foreigners. This would also prevent Canadians from spending their cash on sports wagering abroad. Michigan and New York are currently eyeing sports betting regulation, which would make them a desirable destination for regulated sports betting down the road, and this prospect prompted Ontario lawmakers to make a move.

Some CA$110 million go to offshore bookmakers, online sports betting, as well as wagering in the US on an annual basis. The government would aim to prevent this from happening in the near future. In addition to the sports wagering language, the budget also highlights the possibility of introducing new names to Ontario’s online gambling field.

Online Gambling Would Welcome New Players

At the moment it is overseen by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation which regulates and oversees it, but a breath of fresh air and modernization would not be a bad thing, according to the Progressive Conservative. Introducing competition would be a substantial step in the right direction, making the market a more diverse one for the players. Online gambling is among the preferred forms of gambling due to its convenience.

Anytime, anywhere enthusiasts could devote their time to gaming and potentially win big. The new parties in this online gambling action have the potential to reduce the money players spend on offshore online gambling sites. At the moment this figure reaches CA$500 million on an annual basis. The Canadian Gaming Association welcomed the news with excitement, pointing out that this would mean that players would be adequately protected from harmful practices.

Paul Burns, Canadian Gaming Association’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated that offshore companies would find their spot in Ontario’s online gambling field, as they are already accepted and preferred by players. Over the following few months, industry stakeholders would have the chance to chime in and contribute to the market modernization. This would make it possible for the refreshed gaming sector to meet players’ expectations.