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Could Bede Gaming Really be OLG’s Golden Ticket for Online Live Sports Betting and eSports Wagering?

Canada is not the first country which comes to mind when it comes to sports betting and the main reason for this is the fact that single-event sports betting is considered illegal within the borders of the country. One of the leading gaming forces in the region – the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is actively working towards providing its customers with more, which is why it has eyed the opportunity of elevating its online and mobile sports betting capacity.

Canadians willin to put their judgement to the test have the chance to do so via betting on the outcome of sports events, as well as many other seemingly small details and variable around them. However, this is only possible on the Internet, thanks to foreign sports betting companies which give them the chance to do so. Now OLG is willing to set its foot in this sector and bring more.

Leading Company Set to Bring More to the Field

It has been recently confirmed that the gaming company is on the hunt for a mutually beneficial arrangement with a company that could bring something new to the table and ultimately meet players’ high expectations. The original plan for action is for the joint venture to bring to life online and mobile wagering on sports events.

However, the future operation also opens a vast universe of potential paths of development, which could bring eSports betting, as well as novelty wagering to Canadians excited to give them a try. It is not a secret to anyone that the eSports world is one of the up-and-coming fields elevating competitive video gaming on a whole new level.

In a recent statement issued by the company’s spokesperson Tony Bitonti, it was stated that for the time being there are no additional details about the potential offering. These two additions would be more than welcomed by residents, as there are so many things they could bet on a daily basis. Plans also pinpoint the desire to explore live betting while events are still in progress.

Online Offerings Set to be Elevated in the Future

What will make the new offering stand out even more is the fact that it is set to feature a wider array of professional sports on which pkayers could bet, among which all major North American sports leagues, as well as sports all over the globe. It is all going to take place online, making the offering even more accessible.

Bede Gaming is the UK-based gaming company which is able to turn plans into reality, but it should be taken into account that OLG initially announced online sports wagering plans about a year ago. Up until this point thing have remained solely in their initial stages. Thanks to the recently arranged partnership the online platform is going to be updated and revolutionized.

Next year is projected to see the launch of the new platform, bringing riveting offerings to Ontario residents, as both OLG and Bede Gaming are excited for the opportunities to come. This improvement is projected to attract local players and prevent them from fueling foreign companies by boosting the privince’s leading gaming entity.