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Sportradar Pens Collaboration with The Action Network

Sportradar is ready for an exciting 2020 with the inking of its latest collaboration with The Action Network. As a result of it, the sports data provider is about to expand its horizons and fuel the network’s future operation with premium sports data updated in real-time. Such a move is expected to bring more sports wagering fans to The Action Network’s platform and enhance their experience there.

In an ever-changing online gaming world, striving to bring the most proficient gaming experience closer to the people is a main selling point. Sportradar is ready to make this year a special one, by reaching a larger audience and becoming even more popular. Its latest penned agreement for collaboration was with The Action Network.

Enhanced Sports Data

The two leading entities are going to make it easier for players to receive information on sports events in real-time. Ove the course of several years, Sportradar is about to fuel expanded operation and many exciting offerings. Sports data would be further enhanced by the content once again provided by the leading company. Action Edge, the subscription product powered by The Action Network is about to see a great upgrade.

With enhanced functionalities and more, players are about to feel the difference immediately. Nowadays many of them engage in gaming via their smartphones, so it makes sense for the company to improve its mobile products. Players will be able to keep their eye on their favorite team and all their stats in real-time, which would then make it possible for them to make an informed choice while wagering.

Dave Abbott, MD of US Media at Sportradar, made it clear that the main driving point of this collaboration is going to be sports betting and the media in a fusion that only aims to enhance the possibilities. Flexibility is key as well since players seem to demand different things from the companies that could actually make a change.

Collaborations this Year

It should also be pointed out that the new partnership eyes the creation of dynamic content filled with exclusive data just for the users. This year is about to bring a brand new edition of the digital scoreboard already available by The Action Network. This month was also special for Sportradar, as it saw the collaboration with XFL for improved sports wagering experience.

The new partnership is about to enable data access, as well as exclusive statistics. Fusing media and sports wagering has been in progress for quite a while, which is why Sportradar is ready with a solution keeping up with the times. It can be implemented in webpages, mobile applications, as well as various digital platforms. Sportradar has an existing collaboration with the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, MLB, as well as NASCAR.

Earlier this year, another partnership was inked this time with INTRALOT Inc. As a result of the new agreement, INTRALOT received exclusive sports data powered by Sportradar’s extensive experience in the sports field. The official data regarding major US leagues was introduced to lotteries across Washington DC, Montana, New Hampshire, as well as New Mexico.