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Sportradar Joins Forces with PrizeLogic for Sports Betting Reimagined

Sportradar recently announced its collaboration with PrizeLogic, the renowned incentivized engagement powerhouse, striving to reimagine the sports wagering offerings up for grabs. This would make it possible for a wider audience to enjoy the real-time information provided by Sportradar thanks to the PrizeLogic’s influence on the project. Gambling on sports events increases its popularity especially now that US states join the global wagering field.

The sports wagering reimagined might be a successful venture powered by the combined forces of Sportradar and PrizeLogic, aiming to introduce their own view on sports betting. As a result of the collaboration, the extensive real-time sports data of Sportradar is about to be further enhanced by the platform PrizeLogic provides. The incentivized engagement capabilities its platform has up for grabs would be successfully utilized down the road.

Collaboration Announced

Brands teaming up with Sportradar on a regular basis vie their own agreements would now have the chance to experience the turnkey solution that would change the way they operate in the sports wagering field. Brian Josephs, Vice President of Digital Sport, Sportradar, made it clear that this is a milestone moment for the company, as improving the offerings is crucial for its success.

Some of the new features introduced as a result of this partnership are the predictive gaming option, as well as potential offers appearing as they happen. There is also the flock to unlock incentive, further optimizing the reimagined gaming experience. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy them across many channels of gaming, to the likes of social media, on their mobile devices, as well as in-stadium.

Sportradar is on a constant pursuit of improved offerings and mid-November the company issued its second OTT white paper called The Future of the OTT Experience. It highlights the most appropriate ways in which companies could engage with their customers in an ever-changing sports wagering field. Sports data involvement in addition to the comprehensive insights are also a key part of this process.

Results Expected Soon

It focused on the ways in which the content could be as personalized as possible down the road, making the experience a more immersive one. The first OTT white paper issued by Sportradar was called The Monetization of OTT and Data. Another major announcement for the sports wagering world was the continued partnership between DraftKings and Sportradar.

The daily fantasy sports leader inked an extension to its partnership with the leading sports data provider in order to solidify its position in the sports wagering world of the US. With the help of this extension, the two entities are set to enhance existing fantasy sports offerings with more information. The agreement extension is about to see DraftKings gain access to data by major leagues to the likes of the NFL, MLB, and the NBA.

Being positioned well in the evolving US sports betting market is crucial for Sportradar, which makes its moves in the field reasonable. The leader recently welcomed Werner Becher as its new Managing Director of U.S. Betting. His extensive experience in the sports wagering and gaming field made him a suitable candidate for the position, as he is known for his previous Chief Executive position in Malta-based Interwetten.