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Grand Villa Casino Served Beer with Glass Shard, Lawsuit Claims

Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby is once again the center of attention, as a man hailing from Surrey recently filed a lawsuit for personal injuries sustained on the premises of the gambling venue. Gurcharan Singh Grewal claims that he was served a chipped beer bottle at the bar adjacent to the casino venue, which led to the swallowing of a glass chip of its rim. The alleged situation took place exactly two years ago, in December 2017.

When it comes to sustaining personal injuries at a public space, individuals are sometimes compelled to make a move and sue the owner of the location for their woes. Such might be the case with an individual of Surrey who suffered an incident at the Personas Bar at Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby in December 2017.

Surrey Man Sustained Injury

Exactly two years ago, Mr. Grewal was at the aforementioned premium bar located on the premises of the venue overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. He ordered a bottle of beer and the bartender opened it with a bottle opener. During the process of opening, the rim of the beer bottle supposedly sustained a higher pressure and ended up being chipped, as Mr. Grewal claims.

This is how his pleasant time at the casino bar was about to change his life forever, as upon having a sip of the bottle, he felt an unpleasant sensation. A glass chip ended up in his mouth, making its way to his esophagus, tearing tissue in its way down. Mr. Grewal claims that the experience left him shaken and with injuries all over his mouth, throat, and esophagus, as the glass chip was swallowed with the cold alcoholic beverage.

The Surrey individual claims in his lawsuit that the bartender working at the Personas Bar at the time of the incident had opened the beer bottle in an inadequate manner, thus leading to him experiencing the traumatic sharp glass swallowing. The lawsuit lists Gateway Casinos & Entertainment among the defendants of this case.

Lawsuit Filed in Court

The Surrey individual claims in his lawsuit that the injuries he sustained back in 2017 have taken their toll and up to this day, he needs medical care on a regular basis, to maintain his physical well-being. The pain and discomfort he felt upon swallowing the piece of glass was only the beginning of his traumatic experience, as he claims since this incident had a lasting impact on his life as a whole.

Moreover, he claims that the extent of this incident goes beyond his personal health, as he found himself no longer able to sustain his family and be a reliable part of the community. It is a matter of time before the court of law reviews all claims and moves on with the next steps and a response from the leading casino operator.

It could be recalled that this summer was a rather tough one for the casino location in Burnaby. It saw some the reduction of staff on site, including nearly 100 full-time and part-time positions laid off. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 is the labor union protecting workers at the Grand Villa Casino. Work hours were therefore changed too, with work from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.