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BCLC Excludes North Shore Area from Expansion Plans for Now

Casino expansion would have to see some changes, as it was recently confirmed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. In a recent statement, the Crown corporation made it clear it is no longer going to be pursuing a casino venue or slot location in the North Shore area. Scrapping its 2016 plans for development in this region came as a result of research and evaluations confirming this is not the place for gaming location at the moment.

Previous discussions on the subject were depicting the picture of a casino venue operating in the region and attracting thousands of individuals to it. Their interest to the new venue overseen by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation was also supposed to provide the area with financial support and the added boost of regular allocations generated by gaming revenue. As it turns out, this is not going to be the case for the North Shore due to its residents’ rate and opportunities for development.

Area Could Not Host Casino at this Point

Back when conversation first started, BCLC commenced a conversation with the City of North Vancouver, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, the District of North Vancouver, Squamish Nation, as well as the District of West Vancouver. In an attempt to probe the region and see how locals perceive the idea of gambling, people received the chance to express their position on the subject.

It was either West or North Vancouver, but it should be noted that the two First Nations were also considered as potential hosts. BCLC stated back then that the region shows indications that it is interested in gaming action and the introduction of such could be beneficial down the road. Individuals permanently residing in that area confirmed that they often make their way to Vancouver or Burnaby.

This is where they find exciting gaming offerings at the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby and Parq Vancouver, but by doing this they support those communities instead of boosting their own. Estimations back then were that the new casino venue in the North Shore area would keep people gaming there and bring some CA$1.5 million to CA$2.2 million at the beginning of each year to the host community coffers.

Saanich Re-Announces Interest

The 10-percent share that the community was projected to bag on a regular basis was going to be used for various local projects. Estimations showed that locals are willing to pour up to CA$40 million in Burnaby and Vancouver, which would continue to be the case now that plans are off the table. BCLC confirmed that this is the current situation and things might change in the future.

Evaluation continues and if the region shows potential for hosting a casino venue or slots location, the corporation might consider it. Previous conversations with the local governments failed to meet the initial expectations also because of the existing policies for operation. The two possible areas that could have welcomed gambling operation were the City of North Vancouver and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

Back in 2016, it became clear that the District of North Vancouver, Squamish Nation, and the District of West Vancouver want nothing to do with casino operation within their communities, a decision that was taken into account by BCLC. Saanich could become a casino host instead, as the community is willing to pursue the opportunity now that Victoria proclaimed it is no longer interested in gambling operation.