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Come 2020 Grand Villa Casino Could Feature 1,400 Slot Machines and More

Grand Villa Casino could very soon see an extensive expansion take place and diversify offerings on site, as casino operator Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has taken action. Together with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, the casino operator would seek green light for an expansion given by the City of Burnaby where the venue is located.

Casino patrons are a top priority for operators constantly on the pursuit of new and improved offerings that could attract more of them on site. Gateway Casinos oversees operation on this particular location and more offerings might soon make their way there. If approval is given by local officials, the gaming facility is going to see many new slot machines added to its premises. At the moment those are 1,200 in total, but 400 more could be added very soon.

Casino Operator Seeks Expansion

The plan for action is that the casino operator is going to introduce the additional slot devices in a two-phase expansion that would make it possible and seamless. Players are going to feel the change, but it is not supposed to be a striking one. This week saw Gateway Casinos reveal its plan, stating that the first phase would have to be finished by 2020.

Grand Villa Casino gaming floor is going to be expanded and this is going to happen with the relocation of the administrative office area of the casino venue. Gateway Casinos projects that this would make easier the operation of both the management and the floor staff. Instead of operating on site of the casino venue, management would have to relocate to the nearby multistory parking garage building.

A total of 200 machines would then enter the venue and transform it with their new gaming offerings. As for the second phase of this project, it is going to require more substantial changes to the building itself. Gateway Casinos would seek rezoning application beyond 2020 that would make the expansion possible.

Rezoning Application Sought in 2020

Grand Villa Casino is among the main propellers of many local projects with the 10-percent gaming revenue allocations it guarantees the community. This year City of Burnaby projects it would bag about CA$9.5 million from regular casino operation. The latest work on the gambling floor commenced in 2017, pouring some CA$15 million into the casino venue, as well as adjacent Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Center.

Apart from boosting the community with the mandatory non-tax gaming revenue allocations, Grand Villa Casino recently announced efforts towards reducing the negative impact of problem gambling. With the help of GatewayGIVES, the casino venue seeks to boost Burnaby Hospital with CA$50,000 over the upcoming three years of operation. Locals seeking help in trying times related to their mental health will have the chance to seek support at the new special zone.

In addition to mental health, the new area is also going to provide substance use cases with the needed boost. Up until now, the emergency room was able to cover these individuals, but it left something to be desired. People with addictive personalities experiencing struggles will have the chance to talk about their situation and find support.