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Fun Times on the Horizon: Grand Villa Casino Burnaby Pioneers Immersive Gaming

Casino patrons are on a constant pursuit of new and exciting offerings that could make their stay at a casino venue even more riveting. Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby recently greenlighted its brand new Pulse Arena with enhanced gaming opportunities for gaming enthusiasts in the area.

This entirely new experience brings together electronic table games, live dealer ones, as well as interactive play for a memorable adventure. Burnaby is ready to welcome something local players have not seen before, as Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is ready to step up its game.

Grand Villa Casino Burnaby recently greenlighted the operation of its new Pulse Arena, promising a good time for locals and players from neighboring communities. This new addition has the potential to attract tourists to the area, eager to bag hefty prizes. Many locals already gave it a try.

Pulse Arena Achieves More

Pulse Arena comes with some 35 linked gaming stations that could welcome quite the crowd and guarantee a steady flow of casino patrons at all working hours. The bright lights that guarantee an immersive atmosphere enhance the user experience.

In addition to that, there is also a giant digital wall, making interaction even easier. The ultimate goal of this experience is to make gaming more social and turn it into a fun time. This factor is further amplified by the casino staff that uses microphones and cameras in order to cheer players and encourage them on their way to the coveted pile of cash.

Casino patrons, in the meantime, have the opportunity to participate in three parallel casino games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Pulse Arena could easily be qualified as a chameleon, as players have the chance to experience an entirely new setting depending on the time of day.

Keeping offerings as diverse as possible is crucial for the casino operator. It should be taken into account that this offering is being introduced to the British Columbia market for the very first time.

Quite the Crowd Expected

The month of May came with the good news that an expansion is on its way to Grand Villa Casino Burnaby. Back then, slot machine available on the premises of the casino location amounted to 1,200, but Gateway Casinos was preparing for the introduction of 400 more in collaboration with British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The plan for action included a two-phase expansion bringing changes by the beginning of 2020.

Grand Villa Casino gaming floor is going to be expanded and this is going to happen with the relocation of the administrative office area of the casino venue. At this point, some 130 machines have been introduced, in addition to VIP gambling and services in the special premium zone. The second phase of the expansion would require a rezoning application.

It could be recalled that this is not the first time Gateway Casinos is putting effort into the venue. The year 2017 saw casino management pour some CA$15 million into the complex, as well as adjacent Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Center. Gateway Casinos is also ready to help the community via GatewayGIVES. Earlier this year it provided Burnaby Hospital with a brand new mental health and substance use area.