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BCLC Probes Playing Cards Destruction Failure, Casino Blames Shredding Company

Playing cards used in casino venue are usually hole-punched in the center or cut in the corners once they are discarded and this is a common practice that prevents cheating. British Columbia Lottery Corporation recently discovered playing cards that have somehow remained intact after being discarded from Grand Villa Casino and they were supposed to be destroyed by the company ShredWise.

Sensitive information, as well as casino playing cards that should be used once they have been sent for shredding, should be taken care of in an appropriate manner. Casino venues such as the hotspot gaming location in Burnaby use the services of other companies that take care of the destruction. In this case, there are playing cards previously used at the casino venue that have somehow remained perfectly intact after they had been handled by ShredWise.

Playing Cards Were Found Intact in Bins

They were located in a bin in Surrey where they were disposed, but not in the state they were supposed to be. This bin was one of 17, all containing sensitive information and documents that were supposed to be shredded, including financial records. Such practice goes against the regulations and the basic operation of the company that is trusted to shred all documents it receives.

Upon finding out about this particular bin with playing cards, British Columbia Lottery Corporation launched an investigation that seeks to find out what led to this failure of the company. It was confirmed that those playing cards had been previously used at Grand Villa Casino. The parking lot where the disposed cards were located was not guarded in any way, making the access to said bins easy.

The investigation into the case was mandatory, as it showcases a direct breach of the regulations and casino venue rules of operation. British Columbia Lottery Corporation pointed out this was a concerning discovery and a probe launched as soon as possible. It should be noted that casino operators overseeing gambling offerings in British Columbia are obligated to safely dispose of their playing cards which includes rendering them useless.

Breach of British Columbia Regulations

Upon addressing the issue, two guards at the casino venue appeared to be surprised by the turn of events, as it was unexpected to them. The last time they saw said cards was when they were collected by the shredding company, presumably to be destroyed in the following few hours. As it turned out this was not the case and those cards were simply discarded at the bins in Surrey.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator overseeing Grand Villa Casino and shortly after the BCLC investigation launched, it issued a related statement. The gaming giant points out that upon further investigation it was confirmed that ShredWise failed to accomplish the task of destroying said decks of cards which also breached the existing arrangement for collaboration between the two parties.

Other concerning discovery was made meanwhile, as a Langley woman discovered her uncashed signed cheques lay undestroyed in bins at that very unsupervised parking lot They included personal information to the likes of her name, address, phone number, as well as her bank account number. Tino Fluckiger, Chief Executive Officer of ShredWise, stated that this is not a regular practice and it is an employee’s fault.