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Ontario Welcomes Hefty CA$1m Lottery Prizes While Someone Still Hesitates

Lottery jackpots have recently made their way to their winners across Canada, a life-changing event for many of them. Lotto 6/49 proved its generosity once again by throwing CA$1-million prizes around like confetti. Group of six individuals was among the lucky players bagging CA$1,000,000.

The Lotto 6/49 fans hailing from Ontario would have to divide it equally and prepare for everything good coming in their life. September 25 was the lucky day for the six players participating in group lottery gaming. Four of them hail from Tavistock, one is located in New Hamburg, whereas the sixth player is a Mount Albert resident. All of them wanted to lay their hands on a prize, even if it would have to be divided among a group of players.

Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity

At the end of the day, it is a bonding experience connecting complete strangers forever. The six players became eligible for the cash payout on September 25 but they took their time before claiming the prize. William Ferguson is one of the winners who spoke on behalf of the group. Upon hearing that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is seeking the winner of a CA$1-million prize, they were quick to check the group ticket.

They made the winning purchase in Tavistock, at the local Tavistock Gas and Variety, meaning that the retail location is now eligible for a one-percent allocation of the overall prize. Now the winners are going to use their respective share of the prize to cover bills, as well as for some home projects they have been postponing.

Another Ontario player recently became a lotto millionaire, as the November 13 draw highlighted a winning Lotto 6/49 ticket sold in Guelph. Whoever is in possession of the lucky piece of paper has 52 weeks to claim their prize and celebrate their grand prize at an official ceremony. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed that the winner is eligible for the Guaranteed $1 Million Prize coming with every regular Lotto 6/49 draw.

Mississauga Player Has Yet to Bag Prize

This particular draw-based game enjoys wide popularity across Canada, but Ontario appears to be like a magnet for its jackpots. A couple hailing from Callander recently received their CA$1-milllion prize once again thanks to their winning purchase of a Lotto 6/49 ticket. It happened ahead of the October 26 draw, a special one for Paul and Helen Gobby.

The retired couple frequents lottery retail locations in order to purchase tickets ahead of the next draw, but upon realizing they are winners now, none of them could believe their eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Gobby shed a tear or two and the sheer happiness was palpable at the special ceremony. The retail location eligible for one percent of the prize is City Centre Convenience in North York.

While many lucky players receive their fresh cash, there is someone in Ontario still hesitating. The Crown corporation revealed that an Encore Lotto 6/49 ticket is about to reach its expiry date very soon. November 28 is the deadline for the collection of CA$100,000. The winning ticket was sold in Mississauga ahead of the November 28, 2018 draw of the popular lottery game.