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B.C. Players Snatch Consecutive Lotto MAX Windfalls, Ontario Grabs CA$18m

Lottery winners across Canada have draw-based games to thank for their changed lifestyle, as a British Columbia couple could also confirm. Kenneth and Susan Salter bagged their CA$20-million jackpot only recently but they are already looking forward to the bright future ahead of them. They became eligible for the Lotto MAX jackpot on October 29 after matching al numbers needed for the big cash prize.

The individuals hailing from Telkwa managed to match the seven numbers drawn during the October 29 regular Lotto MAX draw which resulted in a windfall for their ticket. British Columbia Lottery Corporation has been looking for the winners until they decided to reach out and claim their prize in the Crown corporation’s headquarters in Kamloops. This is how they received the opportunity to take a photo with the hefty lottery cheque.

Lotto MAX CA$20m Jackpot

Mr. Salter had won some CA$20 thanks to the previous draw so he decided to take a chance and buy a ticket for the October 29 Lotto MAX draw. Word had it that a player from the Stikine region had won the grand jackpot, so he went for a ticket scan at a local retail location, the Tyee Market in Smithers.

Mr. Salter was shaking and in disbelief that he is a millionaire, only to return on the following day and purchase more lottery tickets for the upcoming draws. The winners would now take their time to build a house where they live and travel around Europe. Lotto MAX was generous once again with its CA$10-million jackpot once again bagged by a player from British Columbia.

James Russell is the winner of the November 1 draw. The Vancouver resident was the second lotto millionaire to win big over the course of one week and right after the couple of Telkwa. He could not believe his eyes upon checking his ticket, so he gave it a second and a third look, he even wrote down the numbers.

Ontario Player Eligible for CA$18m

Once again, a lottery winner finds it hard to process that they are multimillionaires. Mr. Russell’s short-term plans include a dinner with his closest friends and then taking a trip to Ireland in order to explore the true spirit of the country fascinating him. This weekend was another special one for players in Ontario, as Lotto 6/49 proved its generosity yet another time.

A player hailing from the province became eligible for the Lotto 6/49 Main prize amounting to CA$18 million this Saturday. Its most recent draw was snatched and the purchase of this lucky ticket has 52 weeks to collect their prize before it expires for good. November 13 is about to bring a Lotto 6/49 Main prize reaching CA$5 million, which is also among the smaller windfalls a player could bag.

This most recent Lotto 6/49 draw also made a Winnipeg player much richer, as a ticket sold within the borders of the province became eligible for the guaranteed prize of CA$1 million coming with every draw. That winner also has 52 weeks to contact the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and claim their prize.