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Montérégie Attracts Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Cash Piles Reaching CA$34.5m

Quebec saw some of the greatest lotto payouts over this past year with this week adding yet another individual to the long list of winners. The Montérégie region is home of Liliane Synotte Deschênes who recently became Quebec’s latest lotto multimillionaire. At a grand ceremony, Loto-Quebec gave her the CA$32,000,000 Lotto MAX cheque she was eligible for, while she was still in dismay.

Meanwhile, another couple hailing from the same area bagged CA$2,500,000 thanks to a Lotto 6/49 ticket. When it comes to lottery jackpots, one could never pinpoint where a large amount of cash would land. It becomes clear only once the Crown corporation probes the subject. Lightning never strikes twice, but Montérégie residents might beg to differ. Over two consecutive days, two large jackpots made their way there.

October 18 Was a Lucky Day

Ms. Deschênes became eligible for CA$32 million after the purchase of a Lotto MAX ticket that had the potential to change her life. At the end of the day, her numbers managed to match the ones drawn on October 18, instantly making her the only individual having the right to claim this windfall. She took her time before contacting Loto-Quebec, as she still finds it hard to believe she is the winner.

The Montérégie resident is persistent when it comes to lottery ticket purchases and she buys Lotto MAX tickets ahead of every weekly draw. Her hope has always been to grab a bag of the money it always boasts. The winning purchase was made at Maxi & Cie in Longueuil, meaning that the retail location is about to receive a CA$320,000 slice of the overall cash payout.

The winner went to get her ticket checked on October 19. Her spouse joined her to a self-serve ticket checker where the two of them were in for a treat. At first, she thought that the amount she is eligible for was CA$32,000. Upon focusing more on the zeros, she realized that the sum is, in fact, in the millions.

Lotto 6/49 Changes Players’ Lives

In the meantime, Ms. Deschênes was also eager to receive her prize, which called for a celebration at Loto-Quebec’s Montreal office. Plans for the foreseeable future include the purchase of a new motorcycle and a new car, as well as traveling the world with her loved ones. The other winners celebrating a grand windfall were Jean-Roch Tremblay and Sophie Grothe hailing from the same region.

The joint Lotto 6/49 ticket they purchased was among the two winning ones of the October 19 draw. This meant that it was eligible for a cash payout of CA$2.5 million. The couple bought the lucky ticket at Dépanneur Ultra Denison in Shefford. According to the regulations, the retail location would in turn bag CA$25,000.

Mr. Tremblay could not believe his eyes upon finding out and he screamed so loud, the whole family had to see what happened. He used the Loto-Quebec mobile app, allowing players to scan their tickets and find out easily whether they win or not. Now it is time for some serious planning but the couple is in no rush to set anything in stone. They would take their time and weigh on all options ahead.