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Winners Think Alike: Lotto 6/49 CA$9m Jackpot Split between Provinces

When it comes to Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX, Canadian players are eager to purchase their tickets ahead of the regular draws twice a week. These purchases are often more than fortunate, as players get a bang for their buck. A group of friends hailing from Calgary recently claimed their CA$3-million Lotto 6/49 prize following a couple of months of contemplation. Their ticket was among the three lucky ones splitting the CA$9-million Lotto 6/49 Main prize.

The five friends would forever remember this summer as the time when they all became co-winners thanks to a single lottery ticket purchase. August 31 saw the winning draw for Adonis Ntwari, Emmanuel Hakizimana, Ramon Sindambiwe, Aime Nduwingoma, and Marius Kanibi. All of them are residents of Calgary playing lottery on a regular basis in the hopes of winning big.

Calgary Winners Claim Prize

Many Canadians participate in lottery offerings with their friends or families in groups, which often results in hefty prizes being split in several ways. In this case, each of the five lotto fans is about to receive a CA$600,000 slice of the CA$3-million Main prize. Their share is a portion of the overall jackpot itself, as another winning ticket for the August 31 draw was sold in St. Albert.

Moreover, a third single winning ticket for this very draw was sold in Ontario. This distribution does not bother the lottery enthusiasts of Calgary, as they have already commenced their plans for the foreseeable future. The financial cushion is going to be invested in a project, but for the time being nothing is set in stone. Mr. Ntwari is the group’s leader who checked the Lotto 6/49 ticket.

At first, he could not believe his eyes and had to scan it a couple more times. Then his friends refused to believe him, only later coming to terms that they are much richer. Spruce Cliff Grocery was the retail location that sold them the lucky piece of paper, a location that is set to bag one percent of the overall Main prize slice.

Alberta Couple Bags their Slice

A couple from St. Albert claimed the second half of this very Lotto 6/49 Main prize. Brian Black and Charlene Offers claimed CA$3-million which is going to be used for tons of travels in the upcoming years. Mr. Black said that the two of them retired a while back and this windfall comes at the right time, as traveling is among their plans for the future.

They bought the CA$4 Quick Pick ticket in the hopes of bagging a grand prize, an achievable goal at the end of the day. Real Canadian Superstore in St. Albert is the point-of-sale eligible for a percentage of the CA$3-million prize. Mrs. Offers said California is a place the two of them want to visit first, subsequently continuing their trip.

Meanwhile, Lotto MAX survived once again and is about to return on October 18 with nearly CA$32 million. This Wednesday would come with a Lotto 6/49 jackpot reaching CA$7 million – an amount eyed by thousands of Canadian lotto enthusiasts.