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Gateway Casinos, North Bay Work on CA$3m Roundabout Cost-Sharing Agreement

Cascades Casino North Bay is about to see its official launch in May 2020, but preparation work in its area is already in full swing. Road optimization proposed earlier this year is estimated to cost more than CA$3 million to City coffers and casino operator. It would result in the introduction of a roundabout at the intersection of Lakeshore and Pinewood Park drives.

This project would aim to optimize traffic flow to and fro the casino complex, projected to draw a crowd. A new casino project powered by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is about to transform North Bay into one of the hotspots in the region. The increased traffic flow projected to happen calls for roadworks that would make the experience as pleasant as possible and minimize possible traffic jams in the future.

Environment Assessment Launches Soon

Last fall, Ontario’s Transportation Ministry sought more information about the estimated impact of a casino venue in this area of North Bay. Dillon Consulting participated in the initial stages of the evaluation. Local officials had the plan of a road optimization down the road, but the casino venue construction prompted the project to be moved higher in its list of priorities.

The CA$3-million project cost would be shared between city coffers and Gateway Casinos with the help of a cost-sharing agreement solidifying it. For the time being, local officials and the leading casino operator have not thoroughly discussed the agreement, as this is projected to happen in the foreseeable future, confirmed by Dillon Consulting.

Gateway Casinos confirmed that the conversation has taken place, facilitating future collaboration. City Communications Officer Gord Young announced City Council is still anticipating to see the presentation of a formal cost-sharing agreement that would move forward the roadworks project. As for the price itself, the lowest amount that could be invested in a temporary solution would be CA$600,000.

Cascades Casino North Bay Opens May 2020

Meanwhile, a fully-fledged roundabout optimizing traffic flow at the intersection of Pinewood Park Drive, Lakeshore Drive, and Lamorie Street could swell price to CA$4 million. An assessment of the area would have to be conducted, offering the most appropriate solution when taking into account the environmental characteristics of the area.

It is projected to commence within the following months, but a roundabout would not be completed in time for the May 2020 casino opening ceremony. The casino operator is projected to pour some CA$746,000 in the construction of a left-turn lane making it possible for patrons to reach the complex. This amount would equip Cascades Casino North Bay with the necessary water and sewer services unavailable for the time being.

Estimations show that the traffic increase could reach up to 195 new trips to and fro the casino complex in the hours with high activity in the area. In the meantime, The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit announced two anonymous surveys regarding the projected impact of gambling operation in the North Bay region. Surveys would run until December 6 online and at the Health Unit hotspots in North Bay and Parry Sound.