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Cascades Casino North Bay Comes with Traffic-Optimizing Roundabout, Wider Road

North Bay is preparing for a brand new casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment but while the construction phase is still in progress, some changes have to be introduced to the area.

In order to make everyone’s experience a much more pleasant one, local officials have proposed the construction of a turning lane and roundabout for Pinewood Park Drive in the vicinity of Cascades Casino North Bay.

Casino expansion continues with full force across Ontario and new casino venues overseen by the leading operator are going to launch operation in the upcoming years.

North Bay is going to be among the areas of the second phase of casino expansion, as the CA$31-million Cascades Casino North Bay is about to transform the area with its diverse offerings and family-friendly potential. Roadworks would have to be completed prior to that, as it was recently proposed.

Making Life Easier

Pinewood Park Drive was pinpointed as a convenient location for future casino operation and ever since then, the conversation has been in progress. Estimations have shown that the area is about to witness a considerable increase in traffic and potentially create conditions for traffic jams and situations on the road that could be easily avoided.

This could happen with the help of the special roundabout that was recently discussed by North Bay Mayor Al McDonald. Future roadwork would make it possible for a roundabout to be created at the intersection at Pinewood Park Drive and Lakeshore Drive.

Such a move could make it possible for cars to keep a steady pace and reduce possible inconvenient situations. Moreover, the road could also be widened by the addition of a left-turn lane that would make it possible for casino patrons to reach the casino complex in a hassle-free manner.

Over the past few months, Cascades Casino North Bay’s impact on the area has been a topic of wide discussion. Nobody wants it to have a negative effect that would complicate people’s lives down the road, which calls for special work.

Cascades Casino Opens in July 2020

Callander Mayor Hec Lavigne was among the first officials to address the potential issue and contact North Bay Mayor and prompt a discussion. Several weeks were needed for the plan to be weighed and now Mayor McDonald stated that the roundabout and the additional lane would have to become a reality in the area.

Construction of the said new features would have to happen ahead of the launch date and during the casino venue construction. The opening ceremony of this project is about to take place mid-July 2020 guaranteeing less than a year of building on site, as the groundbreaking took place at the end of May this year.

Estimations show that the traffic increase could reach up to 195 new trips to and fro the casino complex in the hours with high activity in the area. Projections for the casino operation are also bright, as the mandatory gaming revenue allocations would boost the community. This would mean that city coffers could bag up to CA$2 million on an annual basis that would be reinvested in the city in various ways.