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Cascades Casino North Bay Construction Still Worries Local Environmentalists

North Bay casino construction progresses with full speed, as there are deadlines that have to be met, which has caused concerns among locals. Upon visiting the construction site on Pinewood Park Drive, Paul Goodridge, land surveyor pointed out that the soil that was dug out was dumped in the proximity of a drainage ditch linked to Lake Nipissing and LaVase River.

The excavated soil will be relocated at a safe distance from the waterway. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is ready for the next phase of new casino venues to launch operation in Ontario.

This could only be possible if construction on site commences in a timely manner and with the consent of locals. Cascades Casino North Bay is projected to launch operation in the summer of 2020, giving the leading casino developer enough time to create a casino venue of premium class and offerings.

Casino Soil Excavation Gets in the Way

One of the main steps towards this goal is the construction phase that commenced last Friday. It is associated with excavating large amounts of soil which has to be dumped somewhere. The initial arrangement called for this to happen some 30 meters away from the waterway passing by, but as it was discovered this Thursday, this mandatory condition was overlooked.

Mr. Goodridge discovered that “clean fill” was dumped way too close to the water channel that might be linked to Cook’s Creek, but it is important for the property owners. Gateway Casinos and the property owners have reached an agreement for dumping the soil there, aiming to take no risks when it comes to wetlands and other sensitive areas. Mr. Goodridge pointed out that the area was not a wetland by any definition.

He also made it clear that within the next days he will have to reach out to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks and seek information about any special areas that need more attention during the time of construction. Jennifer McNutt-Bywater of neighboring Callander located two snapping turtles roaming the road, seeking a way around the soil mounds.

Turtles Once Again in the Spotlight

She explained that the turtles have a set migratory path that they follow, but is now obstructed by the excavated soil from Cascades Casino North Bay’s construction site. Two of the turtles were relocated to their habitat on Pinewood Park Drive, where they were headed to, but Mrs. McNutt-Bywater wants to see an improvement in the upcoming weeks of construction work.

In order to prevent future issues related to the waterway, proper fencing will have to be done, as to keep the excavated soil at a safe distance from it. This is a mandatory condition, which was discussed prior to the groundbreaking. In the meantime, local officials praised the development in the region, including the casino construction that has been in the works for years now.

Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch stated that this opens the door for many new opportunities in North Bay. For her, this project comes to show that the city is willing to explore new opportunities and branch out to casino operation. Such a move has the potential to boost the local economy and attract many more individuals to the area. It will also be beneficial for the south area of North Bay, attracting businesses and purchases there.