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Turtles Protection Protest Heats Casino Groundbreaking Day in North Bay

North Bay is ready to welcome the construction of its brand new premium casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The last day of May was dedicated to the long-anticipated groundbreaking ceremony attracting local officials and Mayor Al McDonald himself.

Cascades Casino North Bay is going to be part of the new wave of gaming venues launching operation in the upcoming couple of years in the region.

A new casino venue is always good news for the local economy and the levels of interest individuals from neighboring communities are projected to see a jump. In a matter of months, the now empty parcel of land is going to be a lively area featuring all the signature chimes and sounds of slot machines and gaming table action. Cascades Casino North Bay is also expected to feature more family-friendly offerings such as the dining areas MATCH Eatery & Public House and The Buffet.

Casino Launches July 2020

This groundbreaking ceremony is a milestone for North Bay that has been working in close collaboration with the casino operator and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for the past several years. The process of discussion was extended, as many factors were involved in the process and the local community had something to say regarding the future casino operation in town.

Concerns of problem gambling surge in the area were expressed, but the City Council voted twice approving future casino venue in North Bay. Shortly after that, the Blanding’s turtle natural habitat in the area of future construction was also involved in the conversation. Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony also saw several individuals representing Save the Turtle, Stop the Casino bring signs at a peaceful protest of sorts.

The individuals pointed out that they consider this decision a harmful one for the North Bay environment and they would seek justice. Greg Gray, one of the protesters, said that the issue goes back to 2016 when the casino zoning proposal was first introduced. Back then, turtles’ future was not taken into account, resulting in the current controversial situation.

Turtles Interfere Once Again

The new casino complex is projected to bring steady employment to as many as 300 individuals from the local and neighboring communities. The CA$31.1-million project is also expected to propel the local economy with businesses benefitting from the exciting new opportunities. North Bay Mayor Al McDonald used the opportunity to express publicly his opinion on the subject.

He pointed out that the opportunity for development should not be overlooked even though the process of conversation has not been the smoothest over the past months. Now that the casino construction has officially started, the management says that a one-year deadline is set. Cascades Casino North Bay is projected to welcome its first casino patrons in July 2020.

Another gaming zone – Sudbury, is still in a limbo when it comes to its future Gateway Casino, as it depends on Kingsway Entertainment District’s progress. The casino operator currently oversees its slots location in Sudbury Downs, but its lease would expire soon and relocation is eyed. A temporary casino venue is a solution, as proposed by developer Dario Zulich.