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Chateau Guay Motel Could Soon Be Gateway Casinos New Temporary Home

Kingsway Entertainment District is among the hot topics in the Greater Sudbury area, as its construction would take longer than initially planned. Dario Zulich, a local developer recently confirmed that casino operation in Sudbury should not suffer the negative consequences of this delay.

He is going to prevent this from happening by purchasing Chateau Guay Motel and transforming it into a temporary gambling facility. Casino operation in Sudbury has the potential to transform the community and support various projects with its regular casino revenue allocations.

In this sense, seeing it come to a halt due to a lease expiry date. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment currently operates in Sudbury Downs where a slots venue aims to meet players’ expectations on a day-to-day basis. However, the lease would see its last days in April 2020 and this would leave the casino operator without a location in Greater Sudbury.

Dario Zulich Would Purchase Location

Action should be taken in advance, as this would prevent gaming revenue loss for the casino operator and the community. Mr. Zulich wants to purchase the hospitality location with a long history and make it a welcoming place for future casino operation. Even though it would be a temporary solution, it could nevertheless meet players’ expectations.

The temporary location is going to be operating over the months ahead of Kingsway Entertainment District’s launch in 2022. Earlier this year he indicated that this could be a potential solution in this situation. Meanwhile, the casino operator also confirmed it is looking for a temporary casino facility in Greater Sudbury that could become casino home in the foreseeable future.

Gateway Casinos has not stated its position on the potential Chateau Guay purchase, but Mr. Zulich could make a move and purchase the location. According to estimations, this move could amount to some CA$2.5 million. For the time being, nothing is set in stone, but there is a conditional agreement for the purchase. This Plan B could save Greater Sudbury players from having to make their way to neighboring communities and seek their gaming offerings.

Gateway Casinos Has Not Committed Yet

A casino venue could very soon become part of the Chateau Guay’s complex if a mutually beneficial arrangement is implemented. What should also be taken into account is that the temporary casino venue is going to further propel Kingsway Entertainment District’s construction. The casino operator would generate casino revenue and pour a portion of it into the elements it funds.

As for the community, Earlier this year, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was able to bring a hefty CA$2.3 million that comes as a result of the operation in the past fiscal year that ended March 31, 2018. This is the true impact of Sudbury Downs slots location’s impact. In a recent statement, it was also announced that the City of Greater Sudbury has purchased the land on which Kingsway Entertainment District is about to rise.

The 35 acres of land were purchased for CA$10 and are now part of the city. The milestone would be crucial for the project, showcasing the city’s support of the construction work to take place. Mr. Zulich pointed out that this would dismiss all concerns and misconceptions about officials’ attitude towards the project.