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Sudbury Officials Concerned LPAT Delays Could Jeopardize Projected Economy Boost

Kingsway Entertainment District is a project demanding more time than previously estimated as there are still things that need to be ironed out. Now Ward 5 Coun. Robert Kirwan wants to see action in relation to this project that is slowed down by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. What could possibly push the situation into the right direction, according to him, is the end of the Sudbury BIA seeking improvement of local businesses.

The entertainment zone project was supposed to see the light of day in the foreseeable future but since it is in limbo at the moment, financing of preparation work on site ceased earlier this year. The official launch of operation could be delayed to 2021. Coun. Kirwan pointed out that a possible approach to unblocking the process could be the Downtown Business Improvement Area disbanding. Potential payments could threaten the city council.

LPAT Optimization Should Happen Soon

Coun. Kirwan offered his piece of advice pointing out that the Sudbury BIA should be dissolved as an organization, allowing local businesses to work on their very own association overseeing the field. It is all a matter of further conversation among Sudbury businesses. In addition to this step focusing more on the local efforts towards improvement, the Coun. Would also seek help from the province.

The Sudbury City Council would be prompted to reach out to the Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs that would have more power over the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal further operation. With the help of influence, the overall pace of work could be sped up. This has been the main concern ever since the LPAT launched operation more than a year ago.

It replaced the Ontario Municipal Board aiming for optimization. However, projections that the review process is going to become faster and hassle-free failed to meet the reality and the tribunal has been stuck ever since November 2018. There is hope that the process could be optimized in the foreseeable future.

Local Coun. Seeks Support as Soon as Possible

He pointed out that it is all a matter of organization at this point. The hearing process would have to be optimized with the attraction of all parties that have to present their point of view in front of the tribunal. This also has to happen in a timely manner, as every delay is costly for the appellants and for the community.

At the moment there are 12 appeals filed in relation to the Kingsway Entertainment District. They have all been introduced by local businessman Tom Fortin, Steve May, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, the BIA, and Christopher Duncanson-Hales. Mr. Fortin has already poured thousands of Canadian dollars into the process. At the beginning of April, he went so far as to file a notice of application with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, taking matters even further.

Mr. Fortin quickly realized that the LPAT would have to be bypassed, leaving matters to the Superior Court that would have to deal with the subject in question. This could be prevented only by LPAT revival that could happen soon. What concerns Mr. Kirwan is that Gateway Casinos and Entertainment that is projected to manage a casino venue in KED could eventually scrap all plans due to the delay. The operator is currently seeking a temporary casino location to see it until the KED launch.