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North Bay Endangered Smiling Turtles Still in Cascades Casino’s Way

The North Bay community became notoriously known for its opposition to a future casino project overseen by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. Now the project is moving forward, but local organization Save the Turtle, Stop the Casino seeking protection to an endangered species’ natural habitat is about to organize a special event. May 23 to May 25 would see the World Turtle Day celebration bringing special panel with information and more.

Casino venue built in a given community is always able to polarize the opinion and attract both supporters and people condemning it. When it comes to North Bay, the conversation regarding the CA$31.1-million casino project has been in progress for many months now. This gave locals the chance to build an opinion and defend it on various occasions. A clear discrepancy was visible at the City Hall where local officials voted twice in support of a casino venue, while locals disagreed.

World Turtle Day Brings Events

City Councilor Mark King was among the first ones to make an attempt to slow down the process of voting, but officials were determined to demonstrate their readiness to welcome a new casino venue. About a month later, the non-profit organization seeking protection to endangered species of turtles came forward.

As it turns out, the highlighted location for casino construction on Pinewood Park Drive offers them the best conditions to thrive. Casino construction there would mean that the population of Blanding’s turtle residing there is going to be negatively affected both by the work on the venue and its subsequent operation.

In this sense, now the organization wants to establish its position once more and make it clear that this is a real issue that should not be overlooked in the grand scheme of things. The multiple-day event would aim to do so. Save the Turtle, Stop the Casino spokesman Greg Gray stated that locals would have the chance to learn more on the subject thanks to a special panel featuring guest speakers.

Cascades Casino Targets 2020 Launch

In order to facilitate the event and make it even more special, the organization will seek permission to shut down Highway 11 which connects North Bay and neighboring Callander. Local environment enthusiasts are concerned that the projected gaming revenue instead of the environmental impact leads the large gaming corporation in this project.

Earlier this year the casino operator confirmed that it is ready to collaborate with the province and refine its plans for operation in North Bay. It wants to make sure that future casino operation and the crowd that is expected to make its way there would not negatively affect the region.

It could be recalled that the last days of April saw Gateway Casinos confirm that this is going to be its official site of construction. Cascades Casino North Bay would span over a 7.3-acre land and it is going to launch operation in the spring of 2020. The casino complex is going to feature some 14,100 square feet of gaming offerings for all preferences. The gaming floor itself is going to feature as many as 300 slot devices, in addition to some 10 gaming tables.