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North Bay Casino Triggers Regional Healthy Gambling Relationship Review

North Bay is bracing for upcoming casino complex operation powered by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment which calls for preparation work ahead of it. North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit announced its surveys regarding the impact of gambling on the local community. Residents of Nipissing and Parry Sound now have the chance to express their position on gambling expansion in the region, maintaining their anonymity.

The introduction of gambling could have a lasting impact on a given community, influencing it in many ways. Cascades Casino North Bay is projected to welcome its first patrons in the spring of 2020 if construction work goes according to the established schedule. People in the region have previously expressed their concerns with gambling operation and its potential impact down the road.

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Now they will have the opportunity to participate in two anonymous surveys dedicated to the issue. The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit is associated with relationship with the Gambling Harm Reduction Partnership, aiming to raise awareness’ of the gambling risks coming with a casino venue.

Among the main concerns is substance use and addiction, health behavior linked to gambling, as well as socioeconomic status decline. The health unit aims to improve the gambling conversation in the region and improve information flow between Gateway Casinos and the municipalities. The surveys would offer a snapshot of the current situation in the region, as well as people’s expectations when it comes to the upcoming gambling operation.

Individuals and businesses alike could participate in them, offering their point of view on the subject. People above the age of 19 could share more about their general gambling preferences, as well as the frequency at which they gamble. This would give a clear perspective on the potential negative effects gambling could have on people showcasing addictive tendencies. As for the second survey, it targets local businesses.

Deadline is December 6

The businesses participating in the survey would offer their vision on North Bay’s future following Cascades Casino North Bay’s opening ceremony. This includes both the positive and the negative influence it could have on the local business scene. Surveys would run until December 6 online, as well as at the Health Unit hotspots in North Bay and Parry Sound.

November 6 is about to see a special event at the Grande Event Centre in North Bay. Its goal is to spark up the gambling conversation in real life and evaluate the pros and cons when it comes to the host community and its neighboring ones. The special event would aim to recruit individuals supporting the partnership. As for the casino venue itself, construction workers would have to enclose the casino building before the cold months make their way to North Bay.

Enclosing the casino complex would allow them to continue work during the cold winter months on the interior. Rob Mitchell, Spokesperson of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment revealed that the casino complex would be very similar to the one that launched operation this summer in Chatham.