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Cascades Casino North Bay Follows in Chatham’s Project Footsteps

Cascades Casino North Bay is currently under construction and its successful operation down the road would be guaranteed by a productive construction phase. Rob Mitchell, Spokesperson of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment recently announced that the foundation of the casino complex has already been finished but the winter months ahead of us could slow down the construction itself. This means that enclosing the building should happen as quickly as possible.

North Bay would soon see the day when legal casino operation would thrive, but for the time being it is a race against the clock for the people responsible for its building. The official groundbreaking ceremony took place over the last days of May and as of now, the foundation of the casino complex has been finished. Construction site on Pinewood Park Drive is preparing for what’s to come.

Cascades Casino North Bay Launches in May 2020

Spokesperson Rob Mitchell is usually the individual making updates in regards to the casino projects’ construction and more. This latest one coming from North Bay aims to update the local community on the completed stages when it comes to Cascades Casino North Bay. The foundation of the building has been finished, but there is a lot to be done.

Mr. Mitchell made it clear that construction workers would have to enclose the casino building before the cold months make their way to North Bay. Enclosing the casino complex would allow them to continue work during the cold winter months on the interior and everything that needs to be finished ahead of the mid-2020 launch ceremony. Heating would also be available for the construction workers, ensuring that work conditions are favorable.

For the time being, it has been confirmed that Cascades Casino North Bay could be ready to welcome its first patrons in May, a goal that would round up construction work to about a year. However, it should be taken into account that right now projections are nearly impossible, as the winter could be rather warm or a freezing cold one.

Interior Work Commences Soon

Mr. Mitchell also revealed that the casino complex would be very similar to the one that launched operation this summer in Chatham. He mentioned that the overall layout ended up being a successful one and Gateway Casinos decided to implement it once again in North Bay. Along with the gaming floor, Cascades Casino North Bay would feature a premium restaurant and various food offerings in their independent areas.

This would make the CA$31-million complex a family-friendly one also enabling various events to take place there. Local casino enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy some 300 slot devices available, as well as eight live table games. They would be sprinkled across the 39,000-square-foot casino floor.

Gateway Casinos has always supported local communities in various ways, one of which is involving local companies in the construction and furnishing phases of each project. Last week it became clear that City Council would have to think of road optimization once the casino complex launches. Mayor McDonald stated that a roundabout and an additional lane would have to become a reality in the Nipissing Junction. Initial projections are that the project would cost some CA$1.6 million.