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Quebec Players Get Filthy Rich, Mississauga CA$25 Million Winner Still Hesitates

Canada’s Thanksgiving was celebrated and people expressed their gratitude for the blessings they have in their life just like Sir Martin Frobisher and his team gave thanks for their arrival in the lands of Nunavut. Many Canadians also have the lottery to thank for their hassle-free days ahead, such as Michelle Desrosiers of Quebec who recently bagged CA$25,000 after a Banco ticket purchase.

Small acts today could guarantee you a brighter future tomorrow, a notion that many lottery winners could wholeheartedly confirm. Purchasing a lottery ticket with a winning number combination might just give you the financial cushion you have always dreamed of. Mr. Desrosiers recently claimed her cash prize coming with a lucky Banco ticket sold in Center-du-Quebec. The cash prize was on her mind for about a month ahead of the claiming date.

Banco Changes Lives

The Banco enthusiast became eligible for the cash prize coming with her Banco ticket on September 18 after a CA$1 ticket purchase. She took her time to contemplate on the win and make sure it fits well in her life as it is now. Many players take this approach, as big prizes could disrupt their normal lifestyle. They learn about investments and the most appropriate purchases that could be made.

Some of them simply need time to get used to the feeling they are much richer or even millionaires as a result of a lottery draw. Mrs. Desrosiers bought the ticket at Lowring Grocery, meaning that the location is now eligible for 1 percent of the overall payout. When asked about her upcoming plans, she said that the first thing she would do is make some investments.

Another fortunate lottery player has the Grande Vie ticket to thank for their hassle-free life. Mario Pouling hailing from Center-du-Quebec region recently took a coveted photo with the winner’s cheque. He is eligible for a CA$25,000 per year thanks to his lucky Grand Vie ticket. Winners of prizes coming with the option of annual or weekly payments often prefer this payment method.

Lotto MAX Returns with CA$27m

Receiving your cash prize in equal slices over an extended period of time gives players the security of sustainable cash flow, as well as the idea that they might have to pace their spending. Banco saw another winner claiming their hefty prize, this one hailing from Montreal. Donald Valley purchased the ticket in the region, which resulted in a cash payout of CA$30,450.

Meanwhile, Lotto 6/49 awaits its new millionaire eligible for the most recent jackpot. A single ticket sold in Mississauga became eligible for the jackpot reaching CA$25,470,952.30. The winning numbers for the draw were 05, 14, 18, 33, 40, and 44, numbers that might have a special significance for the winner.

Whoever is in possession of the winning ticket has 52 weeks to contemplate on their next move and potentially bag the prize. All Ontario players have been urged to check their tickets, as well as their houses, bags, and drawers for misplaced lottery tickets. The next Lotto 6/49 draw would come with a CA$7-million prize whereas tonight Lotto MAX returns with CA$27 million as Main prize.