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Roblin Player Listened to Her Gut before She Bought CA$120,225.70 Ticket

Crown corporations have been generous to their players once again, proven by the variety of lottery offerings linked to cash prizes recently. A Manitoban woman is among the fortunate lottery players that are now much richer thanks to lottery offerings.

Dianna Bahrey of Roblin claimed her prize reaching CA$120,225.70 thanks to a winning Poker Lotto ticket that she purchased while feeling especially lucky. Listening to your gut feeling is something we all could benefit from, as it is our intuition telling us what the best plan for action should be.

Mrs. Bahrey felt lucky after she won CA$4, so she decided to make a second ticket purchase just to see what happens next. She also added the All In option coming with the poker-themed lottery offering which eventually increased the ultimate payout. August 16 was her lucky day when she became eligible for the hefty windfall.

Cash Falling from the Sky

At first, she could not believe the screen showing so many digits at once. This is a common theme for many lottery winners that fail to believe their eyes even though they have been preparing for a potential prize winning since the first lottery ticket purchase.

Mrs. Bahrey bought her winning ticket at the Parkway Co-op Service Station on Highway 5 East, a location that could soon become even more popular. When it was confirmed that she is, in fact, a winner thanks to the Royal Flush, both her and the clerk were ecstatic.

Now she is planning to cover some outstanding bills and make plans for traveling in the foreseeable future. Lotto MAX has not been the center of attention over the past few weeks. Fewer Lotto MAX players claim their prizes in comparison to the Lotto 6/49 enthusiasts.

James McGibbon is among the lucky ones. The 52-year-old individual hailing from Strathroy would forever remember September 6 as a special day, since this is when the special Lotto MAX draw took place. His CA$100,000 prize came as a result of the additional Encore draw.

Instant Lottery Offerings Galore

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation also made it clear that the player used the mobile app allowing ticket scan. This makes the process much faster and easier without any mistakes. Mr. McGibbon made his special purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart on Front Street, which would now receive a percent of the prize, according to the Crown corporation policy.

Players do not have to ways several days until the next regular draw, as there are so many daily lottery offerings. Allan Clark could confirm this after his Encore Daily Keno ticket purchase on September 6 that resulted in a hefty jackpot.

He recently bagged his CA$100,000 after a winning purchase made at Rebekah’s Variety in Welland. Instant prizes have been actively claimed in Niagara Falls as well, Maryann Haddow being among the now richer lottery enthusiasts in the area. She received CA$50,000 thanks to the Instant Quest for Gold Crossword.