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Woodbine Offers Interactive Racing Experience, Touts Charitable Achievements

Woodbine Entertainment is on a constant pursuit of new experiences and making racing even more exciting for Ontario players. It recently revealed its brand new animated horse racing simulator that allows enthusiasts the chance to ride a horse and become a jockey ready for the triumph.

This special feature is going to make the upcoming months more special for the individuals fond of the Turf Cup. Interactive horse racing would be a special experience for many racing enthusiasts that have never experienced such before.

Canadian racetracks have been willing to open the door to a whole new world and allow fans to get a taste of horse people’s life on the turf through various events. Woodbine Racetrack would aim to do so with the brand new simulator that would transform the racing weekends of Ontario. Turf Cup simulator would elevate experience on site of the racecourse.

Turf Cup Simulator

All racing enthusiasts that have always dreamed of being jockeys and racing for the win would now have the opportunity to live their dreams on weekends at Woodbine Racetrack. The Turf Cup interactive simulator gives fans the feeling of riding their racing horse into the final stretch and aspiring to reach the finish line first.

This weekend saw live racing action enhanced by the special Turf Cup simulator, adding another layer to the racing experience. September 14 and 15 saw the long-anticipated Ricoh Woodbine Mile weekend including several races across both days.

Saturday witnessed four stakes races, as well as the Mile one, attracting a crowd, whereas the next day welcomed another four. Some CA$2 million in purse cash was up for grabs across both days.

Thoroughbred racing is the main attraction of many locals that have grown up with it and cherish it on a regular basis. This time Woodbine Entertainment aimed to step up its game in collaboration with Australian gaming force Catalyst VR for a breathtaking racing experience Canadians have never seen before.

Corproate Responsibility Report Unveiled

When it comes to renowned sponsors of this new offering, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has joined forces with Pepsi, guaranteeing motivating prizes for everyone. Their instant nature makes them even more attractive. Those who try their luck at the simulator also have the chance to win some CA$1,000 if they are lucky enough.

Woodbine Entertainment has also recently issued its 2018/19 Corporate Responsibility Report revealing more about its community support as of now, as well as its goals down the road. It focuses on Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park, both aiming to make the local horse racing field a better one. Covering the April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 period, this report aims to showcase the company’s generosity when it comes to charitable operation.

The two racetracks have managed to amass some CA$25,000 thanks to 50/50 raffles, supporting various charitable causes. This year was also special because the leader managed to raise some $2.7 million for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation via the special event Road Hockey to Conquer.