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Beloved Expert Jason Portuondo Enters Woodbine’s Thoroughbred Broadcast

Woodbine Entertainment has been striving to bring an excellent summer to the people interested in live horse racing in Ontario. This happens both via live events and with the addition of new names such as Jason Portuondo’s.

The beloved sportscaster is about to join the Woodbine Thoroughbred team and become the co-host everyone needed. Well-known Jeff Bratt would now have a partner in crime during the Thoroughbred simulcast show.

This summer has been among the most heated ones for Woodbine Racetrack, as the Toronto-based location wants to meet and exceed horse people’s expectations. This could happen via the live events is has on offer across the summer months, as well as with the construction work taking place on site.

New personalities making their way into the structure also have the potential to transform it and Mr. Portuondo has the opportunity to prove this.

Expert Joins the Thoroughbred Team

The fresh blood is about to be a breath of fresh air at Woodbine Racetrack, something many people have been looking forward to seeing. Mr. Portuondo has been actively involved in the horse racing field of Ontario for nearly two decades.

Now it is time that he made his way deeper into the Woodbine structure as a co-host of the renowned Thoroughbred simulcast show. Up until now, people interested in the world of horse racing have seen him in the role of a Standardbred expert.

He has been offering his useful insights in relation to the simulcast coverage at Woodbine Mohawk Park. The years of experience he has to his name cover both Thoroughbred and Standardbred horse racing, diversifying it to his benefit. Such an extensive experience makes him a good fit for the co-host position.

It could be recalled that the beginning of July saw some changes to the Thoroughbred broadcast team that came as a surprise for people following its development closely. Long-time commentator Dawn Lupul announced her decision to put an end to her career at Woodbine and pursuit an entirely new one of a holistic health practitioner.

Live Races Continue at Woodbine

Mrs. Lupul had some 24 years of experience to her name and about a decade of those has been dedicated to Thoroughbred simulcast regular broadcasting. Her exit called for a new person to take her position and co-host the regular shows. Mr. Portuondo was eyed as a viable option, as he has been involved with many projects onsite ever since 1992.

In addition to that, he has also been associated with leading media outlets such as CBC, 680 News, Sportsnet, The Fan 590, CHCH, and G98.7. Now he would have to focus on his new tasks related to the Thoroughbred simulcast racing taking place on a regular basis. August 17 is about to see the last race of the Canadian Triple Crown.

Racing action would return to Woodbine Racetrack with the CA$400,000 Breeder’s Stakes. The second leg of the Canadian Triple Crown took the action to another location. The 84th edition of the renowned Prince of Wales transformed July 23 with its exciting racing action happening live at Fort Erie Racetrack.