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Toronto Welcomes Woodbine Racetrack’s New Spectators Patio amid Heated Season

Horse racing fans of Toronto have one more reason for rejoicing the local racetrack offerings this week, as Woodbine Racetrack aims to elevate their experience. Woodbine Entertainment overseeing operation on site introduced the brand new Trackside Clubhouse that is adjacent to the well-known E.P. Taylor Turf Course.

All horse racing enthusiasts will now be able to enjoy its premium offerings and excellent view. This week is a special one for Ontario’s horse racing field, as Woodbine Racetrack greenlighted the operation of the special retrofitted stable adjacent to the widely popular E.P. Taylor Turf Course.

A milestone such as this one has to be celebrated and this is what Woodbine Entertainment officials did. Trackside Clubhouse spans over 6,000 square feet in the vicinity of the race course boasting Tapeta synthetic dirt.

Woodbine Entertainment Launches Trackside Clubhouse

This new patio is going to provide spectators with the best views during live races, offering them the opportunity to feel as if they are on the race course itself while the race is happening. Upcoming weeks are projected to bring even more live Thoroughbred races on site of the Woodbine Racetrack since the live 2019 season is in full swing.

While spectators on site will have the chance to witness everything happening on the racetrack, they will also have the opportunity to overlook Toronto’s skyline and emblematic buildings. It should be taken into account that the new Clubhouse aims to please everyone involved in the process, introducing advanced areas and premium amenities.

This includes lounging furniture available for everyone willing to enjoy it. In addition to that, viewers will also have a better view of the race. An 11’ 6” by 6’ 6” large screen will offer a better view on the races utilizing the Tapeta dirt racetrack. However, the new building is not supposed to serve only horse racing events and their spectators. The Clubhouse is fully equipped to welcome a wide variety of social gatherings and congregations of large crowds.

Live Races Bring Generous Cash Prizes

The Trackside Clubhouse is willing to transform other special occasions into truly memorable congregations. Weddings, engagement parties, corporate congregations, conferences for the gaming and other industries could easily feel at home in the new event venue on site of Woodbine Racetrack. Premium catering will be available for those interested in experiencing premium food offerings from renowned chefs.

Events would be hosted on-site between April and December, taking advantage of the warm weather and the favorable weather. The racetrack is known for its premium live races and this year all eyes are set on the Canadian Triple Crown. This three-phase event will receive a green light on June 29 with the CA$1 million Queen’s Plate as the first live race. The second event is taking place on July 23. The CA$400,000 Prince of Wales Stakes race is scheduled to transform the Fort Erie Racetrack with its premium racing experience.

The last live race of this year’s Canadian Triple Crown is scheduled to attract all enthusiasts back to Woodbine Racetrack on August 17. The CA$400,000 Breeder’s Stakes will be the grand finale. This year Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation wants to further motivate participants with a CA$500,000 bonus for the horse that manages to win all three live races. The bonus would be bagged on top of the three cash prizes.