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Woodbine Star Melmich Retires with CA$1,388,331 Amassed throughout Racing Career

This month is a special one for all horse racing enthusiasts in the Toronto area, as it is going to bring more exciting live races and hefty purses for the most accomplished horse people.

September 14 would be a memorable day for one particular horse, as it is projected to bring Toronto favorite Melmich’s retirement ceremony after many successful races and achievements. The special ceremony is about to take place at Woodbine Racetrack for all fans to rejoice.

Ricoh Woodbine Mile day is ready to be a memorable one for all horse people in the Toronto region and local fans closely following local events. Melmich has been a favorite of many Ontarians for some time now, as the racehorse has some 46 starts to his name. It should also be taken into account that the horse has managed to generate some CA$1,388,331 in wins over his live racing career.

September 14 Sees Retirement Ceremony

His trainer is the renowned Kevin Attard whereas the owners of Melmich are Stephen Chesney and Cory Hoffman, all of whom are content with the career results achieved by the horse and everything that has been marked throughout his live racing history.

The next stop for Melmich now that his career is over would be Hillsburgh, Ontario, where he would reside in LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society’s farm. Horse people interested in adopting the champion down the road would have the chance to do so soon.

Melmich is eight years old now and in his lifetime, he has accomplished a lot. Through strong determination and hours of training, he has quite the impressive wins ever since 2015. Elgin Stakes is where his name became more recognizable and he was put on the map.

He managed to reign at the end of three of those races. In addition to that, he also managed to emerge victorious from the Grade 3 Valedictory Stakes marking a stellar performance once again. Melmich also has great titles to his names such as the Grade 3 Dominion Day, including Grade 3 Seagram Cup and Grade 3 Durham Cup in 2017.

Exciting Days to Come

The year 2018 saw another racehorse, Kingsport, race better and emerge victorious at the end of the Elgin Stakes, essentially making it impossible for Melmich to reach further than the third place. Mid-September is going to see the official retirement ceremony for this renowned champion, but there are even more exciting things to come.

Ever since July 5, Woodbine Entertainment has moved the post times for live racing to 4.05 p.m. casino venue is currently subjected to a construction work that could interfere with the experience of Thoroughbred racing fans. According to the schedule, work on the casino is supposed to come to an end at 4 p.m. Friday Twilight Racing has been appreciated by customers in the past but the last year that was available was in 2017.

What should also be taken into account for the Toronto racetrack is that Casino Woodbine workers unionized with the Public Service Alliance of Canada recently ratified a new agreement that would cover the upcoming four years of gaming operation. Geno Iafrate, General Manager of Casino Woodbine, stated that this is a milestone step of the casino venue’s history which would pave the way for future excellence on site.