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Casino Woodbine Staff Greenlights Collective Agreement ahead of Expansion

Great Canadian Gaming is among the leading casino operators in Canada and the constant strive to excellence is evident by the recent announcement. Casino Woodbine workers unionized with the Public Service Alliance of Canada recently ratified a new agreement that would cover the upcoming four years of gaming operation.

Such a decision solidifies the determination of making Casino Woodbine an appealing location for Toronto residents. Woodbine Racetrack is among the preferred locations for various pastime activities for many Torontonians, but for the time being, many people associate it solely with horse racing and betting on the live events taking place there.

This is what many of the locals have grown up with and the images have remained clear for years on end. Quite the crowd is making its way to the racetrack on a regular basis for the live races and the betting opportunities they offer.

Agreement Covers 4 Years

In order to diversify offerings on site, Great Canadian Gaming is working towards a better gaming location on its premises. The recently greenlighted collective agreement would aim to achieve this.

It covers the upcoming four years of gaming operation and directly affects the individuals associated with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, keeping their best interest at heart. Geno Iafrate, General Manager of Casino Woodbine, stated that this is a milestone step of the casino venue’s history which would pave the way for future excellence on site.

The collective agreement with Public Service Alliance of Canada came into existence following extensive negotiations, but for the time being no details have been issued around it. What should be taken into account is that the casino location maintains its position of a responsible employer.

One of the conditions for launching gaming operation was for it to offer employment to locals before anyone else. As a result, Toronto residents, as well as people hailing from neighboring communities, would have the opportunity to become part of the casino staff. According to the Community Benefits Agreement arranged with the City of Toronto, Casino Woodbine should aim to become a community engine.

Pickering Casino Resort Launches 2020

The casino location is overseen by the joint venture of Great Canadian Gaming and Bookfield Business Partners. The two companies announced One Toronto Gaming is going to oversee operation of the gaming venue available at Woodbine Racetrack in the summer of 2017.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation granted Great Canadian Gaming the permission to operate casino locations sprinkled across the Greater Toronto Area. This gaming bundle includes Casino Ajax and Great Blue Heron Casino, as well as the permission of developing in the Pickering area. Last week saw the announcement that the casino resort built there would be called Pickering Casino Resort.

Its first phase launches at the beginning of 2020, greenlighting the casino venue as well as dining offerings. The second phase of operation would introduce the hotel tower, in addition to the live entertainment facility. The Greater Toronto Area gaming bundle also includes permission for gaming operation at Woodbine Racetrack, allowing Great Canadian Gaming the opportunity of being a breath of fresh air.